Thursday, February 19, 2009


I did not mean to neglect this blog for so long, I just didn't feel like writing much of anything new. In the intervening time I have been keeping myself distracted via other means. I didn't neglect this blog entirely; I did start several draft posts and have made some minor (ok some were major) changes to earlier posts, some grammatical and others were expanded on (example: New Years Day of last year was expanded upon). I've spent most of my free time reading books and playing video games. While online lately I've been primarily making anonymous posts on other peoples blogs/stories/forums/petitions (though with the petitions they weren't anonymous so much as having clicked don't show my name), some adding commentary, some pointing out erroneous or incomplete information, giving advice, and some times just suggesting more believable/realistic alternatives.

A few times I had started to make a comment but decided to not do so after thinking about it. For example, on one of the forums I occasionally skim a person had posted a story involving Hell. The story was set in Japan so I was extremely tempted to make comments and suggestions involving how the Japanese view Hell (primarily Buddhist -since Buddhism is the religion most associated with death in Japan and the other largest religion in Japan, Shinto, doesn't really have a Hell), after thinking about it for awhile I decided to limit my comment (which was made more difficult when I saw people making mention Dante's Inferno, since Dante was not the only person to ever write about the levels of Hell, monk Genshin described the levels of Buddhist hell in great detail in his work Öjöyöshü). There are several other times I've thought about contributing information but decided to not do so because I seriously doubt the person/people would care and sometimes because I thought it would upset them.

I've also spent probably too much time on wikipedia, there are just so many outright errors (though I haven't made edits to the Ranma categories, preferring to point out historical/mathematical/scientific/geographical errors instead of fictional ones which are more open to interpretation and varies depending on translation/medium used). There are also a lot of conjecture and assumptions treated as facts. Here is an example of what I mean (using Ranma 1/2 character since that was the primary purpose of this blog) Shampoo's age is not given in the manga at all, even though it is not given many people assume she is 16 (most likely because Akane's age is 16) and list her age as 16. They shouldn't list her age as a fact, rather should list her age as unknown but appears to be in mid to late teens (if they list anything about it).

I generally prefer to give out advice/suggestions anonymously rather than using my real name or using a pre-existing pseudonym. It has been working out pretty well, for the most part the various comments I have made over the last few months have been taken and suggestions or things I pointed out have been used/altered (when applicable to do so).

On a completely unrelated note, I have lately been getting rather strange emails. I would understand people asking something related to this blog (that's the only thing that email address is used for) or spam but I've been receiving some very strange questions. I don't mind answering questions people ask (most of the time) but I do not understand why they would ask them of me in the first place. Here is one example (I may post more later):

One person emailed me asking for information on how to hack into websites. Why would they think I know how or would admit to knowing how? I decided to humor the person by giving them some extremely basic means of getting into some sites. Things of this nature:
-People often use extremely simple easy to remember passwords like: 123456, password, qwerty, abc123, their name, and letmein.
-Google can be used to sometimes find ways to by pass entrance pages (site search or using the cache works more often than you'd think).
-The first page past the password maybe extremely easy like sitename/index2.htm or sitename/inside/index.htm
-site-rips of some pages can be found via google or torrent searches.
-view the sites page source and you may even find something that will enable entry to the site.
-use a site like bugmenot that gives passwords for sites
... basically told them nothing. They were very happy with nothing, sending me an email a day later saying that they got into via one of googles abilities namely site search they typed in on google and got in.


Drekal said...

Ah, don't worry about it too much. Sometimes people just get distracted. If you really have something to say, you'll say it. Don't force yourself to come up with something.

antimatterenergy said...

That might be good advice for some people, but I am a lazy person and if I do not force myself I likely would continuously put it off indefinitely.