Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Answer to ranma related keywords used

As I have stated in a previous post, the best thing about a counter is finding out the keywords used to find the site. Some are really interesting, most are asking a question, and some I have no clue as to why the search engine would direct the keyword to my blog in the first place. They also tell me what readers, or potential readers, of this blog are looking for, sadly according to statcounter 87% of the people who come to this blog are looking for porn of one type or another. I will now answer some of the questions that the keywords used imply.

Keyword: meaning of ranma in japanese
The name Ranma can actually mean a variety of things; Ran can mean disordered, confused, chaotic, boisterous, abusive, reckless, random, excessive, indiscriminate, extravagant, inordinate, haphazard, reckless, social disorder, disturbance, rebellion, civil war, war, riot, revolt, be corrupt, be demoralized, and used to in the past but no longer mean ulceration and decomposition as well.
Ma in compounds simply means horse. Outside of compounds it can mean other things but I won't go into that. -source few online dictionaries and the defunct Wotclub Faq

Keyword: nickname shampoo calls ranma
Shampoo calls Ranma Airen which isn't so much a nickname as a term of endearment. Airen is mandarin chinese and literally means love person Ai=love Ren=Person. It was for a long time the predominate word used when referring to your spouse.

Keyword: weapon ranma used the most
Ranma frequently uses weapons, generally improvised objects laying around. Personally the weapon I think he uses the most is a staff/polearm, since he has grabbed up sticks/brooms/poles etc.,on a number of occasions and used them in combat.

Keyword: Kasumi love Dr Tofu
There is no evidence that she loves him and the Ranma ½ memorial book/Art of Ranma ½ written by Takahashi has a love chart that states his love is an unrequited love.

Keyword: Ranma fight all out
I'm not sure where the idea that Ranma doesn't hold back or fights all out comes from. Ranma, baring the battle with Saffron and possibly Happosai, has held back his abilities the majority of the time. The reason I say this is because he clearly did not hit many of his opponents as hard as he could (Ukyo, Konatsu, etc.). He did not kill or maim his opponents which he would have had he not been holding back. He generally tests his opponents, fighting at what he perceives to be their level, and he clearly plays with some of them for example Kuno (once he decided to get a bit serious Kuno was taken out faster than anyone could see). He does not use ki blasts or the majority of his techniques every time (he rarely uses ki blasts). He is perfectly willing to fight many of his opponents on their terms (limiting himself to their styles and rules of combat). Many of his opponents he didn't even hit once for example Miss Hinako and the french guy. et cetra

Keyword: Ranma wear make-up
Ranma does wear make-up while in disguise. Wore make up during Orachi arc, wore lipstick on date with Kuno to get wishing sword (Genma even suggested it), can be seen applying powder to face while getting ready to trick Ryoga, etc.

There were more that would take longer to answer, or I refuse to on principle such as the ones asking where to get the Ranma hentai doujinshi that have to be purchased for free, and some non-ranma related ones I might answer later (if I feel like it).

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