March 2012
*Changed the template
*removed the links to media trading sites: swapadvd, paperbackswap, and Bookmooch
*added ads, they are easily blockable via adblocking software - figured why not
*posted numerous posts that were sort of in draft for awhile
*Changing somewhat from trying to stay on topic - i.e. Ranma related or Japanese related topics to basically anything I feel like it (which I was doing somewhat before)

November 2010
*added to harry potter post about disguise magic being very limited in the books.

August 2010
*added some more links to fan comics/dojinshi

July 2010
*Minor addon to post on Slayers RPG
*Added that I have acquired volume 8 of Excel Saga to the post complaining about the price of Excel Saga volume 7 and 8.
*Added that the Ranma manga raws are no longer available on the site that I linked to on the post that has the link to them.

April 2010
*Minor rewording of a couple posts

March 2010
*Changed blog template
*Removed link to petition for Ranma anime since the petition has ended (it acquired 10739 signatures). Thanks to anyone who had signed.
*added this page for changes (figured I might as well since I have the option to do so and have a tendency to change existing posts for one reason or another).
*deleted post titled Ranma in Chinese since its reason for existence is no longer relevant (the manga scanned in Chinese is no longer on the site and I do not know where to find it online at this time).
* added to post on Ranma Hentai and deleted post about the Ranma Hentai site change and Ranma hentai flash game (added to the first one).
* deleted parts of post that mention the Ranma hentai video since the links have suffered from link rot and I do not want to upload them.
*merged the post titled keywords used to find my blog with the post Statcounter and my blog.
*added more examples of Ranma searching peoples rooms to Five Random things on the Ranma manga
* added more pictures of Ranma merchandise to post New Ranma Toys
* added some details to a few of the posts labeled Ranma and Real life
* deleted post that linked to a Ranma music video set to the tune of Hungarian Rhapsody by Franz Liszt since the link is now dead.

February 2010
*Changed a few dead links
*removed dead link, added picture to Slayers Ranma reference.
*expanded Star Trek Ranma Reference to include other anime references in Star Trek.
*added minor info to some existing posts and a few videos of either longer duration or higher quality.
*added to and changed dead links on Free ways to support causes via the internet.

January 2010
*Removed adsense ads since they weren't producing
*Added and changed some to the post on software I use.
*Changed significantly post on pillars of a moral character.
*Removed google search and restored navbar at top of blog.