Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kappa Mikey Reference to Ranma

In the episode "Saving Face" Shampoo appears in 'chibi' form. (She also can be seen very briefly in the opening sequence.)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Kidnappings in Ranma ½ Manga

I'm writing this because I saw a factually wrong and very incomplete list of kidnappings that occurred in the manga (this one is probably incomplete as well but not as much). The person was trying to point out how Akane does not get kidnapped as often as fan fiction would make us believe and that she wasn't kidnapped to be someone's bride all the time. That person is sort of correct, in that Akane doesn't get kidnapped to be someones bride in the manga (Ranma and Shampoo do), she does in the anime though. As for amount of times fan fiction has gotten that part right, she does get kidnapped often (usually as a means of getting at Ranma).

The definition of kidnapping I am using is: the taking away of a person against the person's will

Akane Tendo
  • Mousse abducted Akane to lure Ranma into a trap involving spring of the drown duck water.
  • Pantyhose Taro flew off with Akane and held her hostage in order to get Happosai to come to him.
  • Lime kidnapped Akane because he wanted to drink tea with a girl.
  • Kiima had crows bring Akane to Jusenkyo to use Akane to get at Ranma.
  • A cursed doll switched places with Akane to use Akane's body to get at Ranma.
  • Cologne kidnapped Akane to make her a prize for the winner when Ryoga and Ranma were fighting.
  • Gonsunki tried to kidnap her during the Romeo and Juliet arc (used chloroform) but she was too heavy.
  • Principal Kuno kidnapped her during the time where they were trying to find the coconut that the map on Kuno's head lead to (Used Rope and brooms to tie her up near the ceiling Akane freed herself).
  • Cologne knocked out and tied up Akane during the reversal jewel story arc to keep her out of the way.
  • Evil kunoichi women kidnapped Akane (put her in a bunny suit and hung her from a tree).
  • Shampoo took control of Akane through the use of pressure points to try and get the water proof soap from Ryoga.
  • Daimonji Sentaro wanted Ranma to be his bride kidnapped Ranma-chan to marry her instead of a monkey.
  • Ryoga stuffed Ranma-chan into a backpack and carried her off into the woods with the plan of killing her and burying her in the woods.
  • Happosai wrapped Ranma in chains, covered him with cement and buried him in the yard.
  • When Ranma was temporarily made into a child by the mushrooms of aging Kuno took Ranma to the amusement park against Ranma's will.
  • Genma knocked Ranma out with a sign and took him to the Tendo's in the very first volume.
  • When Happosai took away Ranma's strength, Akane tied up and put Ranma in the schools storage room for his own safety.
  • Mao Mo Lin (the Ghost Cat) wanted Shampoo as his bride.
  • Pink and Link kidnapped Shampoo to lure Ranma as part of a plan to get revenge on Shampoo (back-fired big time).
  • Kiima enslaved Shampoo to steal the map to Jusenkyo.
  • Evil kunoichi women Ukyo was carried off by Konatsu's step-family to force him to fight with Ranma.
Ryoga Hibiki (as P-chan)
  • Azusa Shiratori stole P-chan because he's cute.
  • Shampoo sort of abducted P-chan to make him into a meal but Shampoo just thought him as a regular pig.
  • Genma grabbed up P-chan to make him into lunch at the Jusenkyo guides house. Like Shampoo he just thought it was a regular pig.
  • Kodachi kidnapped and chained p-chan to Ranma.
Jusenkyo Guide
  • Phoenix people kidnap him to get the map of Jusendo.
  • Soun and Genma got him drunk put him in a cave with explosives and then sealed the cave using spirit wards.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Age of the characters in Ranma ½

On the surface it seems that it would be a fairly easy to say their ages with the answers being:
  • Akane, Ryoga, Ranma, Kodachi, Ukyo, Shampoo, and Mousse are 16
  • Gosunkugi is 15
  • Nabiki, Tatewaki are 17
  • Kasumi is 19
  • Tofu, Hinako are in there mid to late 20's
  • Soun, Genma, Ranma's mom, Principal Kuno mid 40's
  • Happosai, Cologne - something over 100
I've just told you their ages right? How do I know that is correct? Ok we know Akane's, Nabiki's and Kasumi's age because Soun told us. What about the rest of the cast? Frankly we have no real idea as to how old they are. Though those are the most commonly accepted ages in the Ranma fandom.

Let's start with the Kuno's.First we know that Kodachi is younger than her brother Tatewaki and in high school so a good guess would be 16. Is that her age though? I don't know it is possible for Kodachi to be 15 and have just skipped a grade at some point or just is in the age bracket where she will turn 16 sometime during the school year. Tatewaki's age of 17 is not given in the manga until the second half of the manga during the mushrooms of aging arc (in the anime I believe it is given during his intro).

Shampoo and Mousse are 16 or are they? Simple put we are not given any clues as to their age. Shampoo and Mousse can easily be 18 or 20 there simple is nothing that says they are the same age as Akane.

Ranma's mom, Genma, and Soun again who knows. Ranma's mom could be in her 30's (marriage age when she could have had Ranma was 13 after all - before 1995 the marriage age for girls was 13), Genma could be in his fifties since martial arts could slow down the aging process some, etc. All we know for sure is that they are at least 30 years old.

Let's do Ryoga know. Like most of the characters we have no absolute way of knowing though 16 is a good guess. Judging by Ranma and Ryoga having attended the same school together (we do not know if they were in the same grade) it is likely that Ryoga is within 2 years of Ranma's age, though during the mushrooms of aging arc Ryoga thinks himself to be 16 at that point in time (but Ryoga may not be the most reliable person to know his age since he commonly gets lost for weeks at a time).

Happosai and Cologne's age can not even be guessed at. We know that they are really old but how old can't tell. It is entirely possible that Happosai is 120, 300, or even older. Why is it possible for Happosai to be hundreds of years old? For these reasons, Martial arts may slow down the aging process some, Happosai has access to age altering magics (Jusenkyo, rejuvenation potion - others exist like the mushrooms of aging) and age altering techniques (whatever Happosai did to Hinako). Not counting the use of magic or age altering techniques Happosai can still be positively ancient when you consider that Happosai can somehow survive for years without food, water, air, and female undergarments. It is entirely possible that Happosai did like some mythical dragons and slept for a century or two. That is for the manga. For the anime we know that Happosai and Cologne are at least 300 since that is the amount of time traveled back into the past via the Nabian mirror but it is entirely possible that they are even older than that. According to wikipedia: In the anime episode "Case of the Missing Takoyaki!", Happosai's age is given as being estimated at four-hundred and fifty (450) years old. While most consider that to be a mistake on the part of the anime writers it's not impossible for him to be that old since he could have used something that made him younger prior to the time he met Cologne.

Alright I've basically stated that we know for sure only a few characters ages. Think Ranma is one of them. Think again. Anime Ranma is 16, we know that for sure since the Anime straight out says it. What about Manga Ranma? He's 16 too right. Maybe, Maybe not. Ranma thinks at least by the time of the magic mushrooms that he is 16. It is possible, even likely, that Ranma was 15 at the beginning of the manga and turned 16 sometime before the magic mushroom story arc (this is somewhat supported by his saying he will lose a year if he eats a 17cm mushroom instead of a few months). Another possibility is that Genma and Ranma's mom being pretty traditional could use the old way of counting a child's age where at birth you were one and counted up at new years and not on the birthday meaning Ranma could be 14 or 15 by the modern way of counting age (though this is really unlikely but considering how Ranma's mom and Genma are; it is not as unlikely as it should be). For information on the old way of counting age see: Old Japan tips.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Superman Reference to Ranma

In one of the Superman comic books a Ranma ½ poster is in Superman's (Clark Kent) room. I don't remember which book since there are so many of them but I believe it was in the year 2000.

Few free ways to support causes via the internet

The largest list of Click to Donate websites I have found is at The Nonprofits website. The point of these websites is to donate money to various causes by clicking on a banner. The websites donate some money obtained by their sponsors to charities. I like the idea of helping people with very little effort needed (after all, you only have to load the page and click on a banner). So if you have a fast Internet connection, if your on a slow dial-up it probably is not worth your time, click on some of these. Of course it is much better for you to just donate some money yourself or do volunteer work but every little bit helps. While these do help a very little bit, the actual donating is not the best things about them. The spreading of knowledge is the best things about the sites.

Sites I encountered not on the Nonprofits website's list (at the time I wrote this):
* Cause clicks - multiple causes
* Free Kibble - donates to animal shelters to feed dogs also has a link to feed cats as well.
* Semi-Arid Campaign - Donates water (has an English version as well but that was not working when I tried it.

Additional ways to support causes:
Websearch for charity:
* Charity Cafe used to use Lycos and search engine and the money they got from referring you to the search engine went to a charity. They no longer do so but Charity Cafe is trying to get a different search provider.

Web based learning games that also donate to charities as you play (some listed on The Nonprofits are not listed here). These are better than the click to donate sites in that their purpose is as much to teach as it is to donate.
* Free Rice - learn English vocabulary and basic grammar, basic mathematics, a foreign language, pediatric table of elements, countries of the world and their capitals, and Famous paintings. For every answer you get correct some rice goes to feed some one, some where.
* Give Vaccines - learn English vocabulary, Medical Terminology or about Business. Every correct answer donates to giving vaccinations.
* Aid to Children - learning vocabulary that donates to children (the vocabulary game is inferior to the above two sites).
* Free Poverty - learn geography different from free rice in that it has a map of the world and you have to point out where the country and city (or land mark) is.

Care2 has a toolbar add-on for your Internet browser that helps reduce the carbon released into the atmosphere. It also will tell you the weather around the world, give links to several click to donate things (makes it faster to click on them), and will check your care2 email, Yahoo email, Hotmail email, and Google email (logs onto the various emails by just clicking on the bar).

The Ecology Fund will give a much larger donation if you subscribe to newsletters about the environment from their site (you can always subscribe with an email address you rarely check or a temporary email address).

Windows Live™ Messenger (instant messaging software), Microsoft will donate a portion of its advertising revenue to the National MS Society. So if your going to use an IM might as well use one that helps someone.

Various petition sites to get the government or various people/industries to do something/stop doing something: Care2, Petition Spot,, and Petition Online are some sites with petitions.

There are several sites that will give a portion of a purchase to charity. For instance if you are planning to buy something from click on a link to from one of the charity sites instead of going there directly so that some portion of it goes to the charity.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Nerima, Tokyo Fanfiction writers pictures

Joseph Palmer has written a few good Ranma ½ fan fics. His color series is actually some of my favorite Ranma fan fiction. He has on his website some pictures of Nerima (the place that the Ranma manga mostly took place in).

The map displayed in this post is shows where Nerima is located in Tokyo.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ranma's Memory

Some people think Ranma does not have a very good memory. I disagree; Ranma has a very good memory. Ranma has demonstrated the ability to recall things that happened many years earlier such as remembering losing the Tendo Dojo to the Gambling King over 10 years earlier (which even though I dislike that story arc; I find to be pretty impressive after all how many specific events can you remember that happened 10 years ago not counting major life changing things like a death or wedding). Ranma remembered other things that have happened 10 years ago as well such things as messing with Ukyo's sauce. He was also able to effortlessly recall many instances of Genma stealing food from him, events that happened years apart. He also remembered where Ryoga's house was.

How can I say Ranma has a good memory when there are two instances in which he did not remember things? The instances of him not remembering are; not remembering his mother and who Ryoga was. Not remembering his mother is very easy to explain. In the manga; Genma took Ranma away when Ranma was a baby not even able to walk yet. In the manga; Ranma's earliest memories are training in a foreign country.

Not remembering Ryoga is a bit harder to explain but not that hard. Ranma was able to remember Ryoga after thinking about it for a few moments so while he did not remember him instantaneously he did remember Ryoga. There are many possible reasons as to why he did not remember him instantly. Things like Ranma may not be good at remembering people's faces. Ranma had absolutely no reason to remember who Ryoga was nor did he expect to see Ryoga again. Ranma and Ryoga were not friends, at least not close friends, in middle school; Ranma bounced off of Ryoga's head grabbing the last piece of bread that the lunch lady would throw into the crowd. It is likely that Ranma was not in the same class as Ryoga. Ranma probably was only at that school for a few months and Ryoga, almost positively, missed several days by getting lost. My question to you, dear reader, is: How well would you remember someone you interacted with for a few times a day for a few months over a year ago after many stressful and important things have happened (in Ranma's case trip to China, hunted by Shampoo, started going to a new school, obtained a curse)? Lets say you bumped into a teacher who subbed for a few months in one of your classes, over a year ago, how quickly would you remember them? Before someone say's but Ranma acted like Ryoga was his friend. Remember this is Ranma a person who considers just about everyone to be his friend and in my opinion, and the Memorial book's chart, even sees Kuno to be a friend (or at least a sparring partner).

Monday, June 4, 2007

Observations and Personal Theories on the people in the Jusenkyo area (Manga only)

There are at least 4 separate villages/groups of people that live in the general area and the Jusenkyö Guide.
  1. Joketsuzoku which Cologne, Shampoo, Mousse, and Shampoo's dad come from.

  2. Musk may live farther away from Jusenkyö but still in the general area.

  3. Phoenix people

  4. The often forgotten girls Pink and Link are said to be from a neighboring village called Yakusai. Not the same village as Shampoo.


  1. All four villages/ groups use magic. The Joketsuzoku even have magical toys.

  2. Groups 1-3 practice martial arts. Whether group 4 practices martial arts is unknown besides Pink and Link.

  3. Groups 1,3, and 4 use mind control.

    1. Joketsuzoku have memory manipulating shampoo, remote control pressure points, hypnosis mushrooms, and suggestion incense.

    2. Phoenix use some type of magic eggs.

    3. Yakusai use plants that are able to manipulate people.

    4. Whether the Musk uses mind control is unknown.

  4. While it appears that all four groups use little modern technology, the Joketsuzoku at least are familiar with it and some near modern technology does exist in the area (the guide has a phone and the Joketsuzoku have a newspaper). How much modern technology they have is unknown.

  5. The Joketsuzoku and Yakusai have at least basic trade since that is where Shampoo went to get herbs and ran into Pink and Link the first time and share a newspaper.

  6. The Musk (to the point that Cologne thought them extinct) and the Phoenix (because they look down on humans as being inferior) mostly keep to themselves.

  7. Groups 1,2,3 view the rest of the world as inferior to them, group 4 may or may not.

  8. All four groups have a fairly low population.

  9. Groups 1-3 practice or had in the past practiced some types of Eugenics.

    1. Joketsuzoku outsider marriage laws pretty much define this

    2. Musk used to use Jusenkyö water and animals for this purpose

    3. Phoenix drank from Jusenkyö to alter themselves and use the waters of Jusendo to power up their king Saffron.

  10. Groups 1-3 are ancient races, The Joketsuzoku have been around for a minimum of 3000 years, the Musk 1400 years according to Herb, and Phoenix people at the very least have been around for 4000 years and likely much longer.

Personal theories and things that are inferred.

  1. It is possible that the villages use magic to keep themselves hidden away from the majority of the human population. Doesn't have to be a lot, a compulsion to stay away from the area and mind controlling the few people who ignore the compulsion and do come into the area would be enough; especially since it's a remote area with little reason for most people who didn't know about Jusenkyö or the people who live in the area to go to anyways. As for the government all they would have to do is use some mind control on some of the top officials with the suggestion that there is nothing in the area worth investigating (We see that the Phoenix people if not any of the others do mind control government officials using the magic eggs).

  2. All villages most likely have more magic items and magical items that are more powerful then we are shown in the manga. The most powerful objects would probably never leave the villages and would most likely be limited to a few individuals of the tribe.

    1. Doubt Cologne would leave the village with the most powerful objects or that we saw all the objects she had with her.

    2. Herb didn't see any need to bring any magical objects beside the ladle.

    3. Doubtful Pink and Link would be allowed to take the most powerful objects in the tribe.

    4. Phoenix people may not of had the time to get the objects or more likely didn't see a need for them since Saffron with the object he had should be enough to stop just about anyone

  3. The majority of the Joketsuzoku do not know about Jusenkyö. If they did then Shampoo would have known more about the springs and the people of the village would have probably recognized the Jusenkyö guide and assumed that the panda was a cursed person.

  4. It is inferred that the Phoenix know more about Jusenkyö pools than the other tribes. Kima actually says it and the Phoenix people have been using the springs for thousands of years.

  5. Group 1, 4, the Jusenkyö guide, or another unknown group have an organization known as Jusenkyö commercial goods. That is where the instant cursed water and water proof soap came from. Some of the other magical items may of came from there as well (like the super soba since it also had a bar code like the instant cursed water did). Since most of the Ranma 1/2 world doesn't appear to know about magic this organization most likely has some type of screening process and likely only sells to people who have been touched by magic. Alternately the sale of magical items is generally tightly controlled and is black market merchandise. If I ever get around to actually writing fan fiction that I feel is good enough to post; I plan on Ranma purchasing magical items from this organization.

  6. Very few people have curses/visited Jusenkyö who weren't from the local area probably less than 100 because Taro was able to track down most of them while trying to find Happosai.

  7. The Joketsuzoku are not completely Matriarchal (they are called Aamzons in VIZ translation in the original manga they are called the Joketsuzoku and live in the village of Nyuuchezu - which translates to "Woman Hero Tribe"). We assume they are matriarchal because of the village's name but we have no proof one way or the other (could be Matriarchal, Patriarchal, or Gender neutral ruling party). We also have no proof that males are second class citizens because we aren't shown any males besides Mousse who they don't respect (because of his actions) and Shampoo's dad which the author of the manga didn't feel like giving screen time (and some guys who were in the crowd during the tournament Shampoo was in, We also don't see any other females besides Cologne and Shampoo). If they are Matriarchal, they definitely are not militaristicly so. If they were they would not allow Mousse to have become as powerful a martial artist as he is, teach males any techniques that could in some way make males superior to females and a threat to the ruling body, or want to bring strong males into the tribe (since they could theoretically usurper power). If they were man haters like some fan fiction portray them to be than why do they let Mousse get away with the things he does (Back talking to Cologne or stalking Shampoo)?

  8. While the Joketsuzoku laws appear to be very unforgiving, they are no worse and a lot less weird than laws that exist in some parts of the world now or had in the past:

    1. In 100 A.D., the Teutons, an Germanic tribe, would punish anyone caught as a prostitute by suffocating them in excrement.

    2. The vow of a Roman vestal virgin lasted 30 years. If she engaged in sex before then, she was punished by being buried alive.

    3. Recently there was in Sudai-Arabia a woman was given a punishment of a hundred lashes by whip after being raped. The law she broke was being in a car with mixed company not directly related to her.

  9. Like some places in real life the Chinese government appears to have little to no power over the area.

Possible holes in my theories corrections:

  1. Genma's guidebook - The guidebook doesn't have to have been an official one it could have been made by someone and then given to Genma. Another possibility is that it wasn't a guide book at all. Since it was in Chinese (maybe not even in a common dialect or an ancient one) and Genma doesn't read Chinese. It could of been a guide/map of places to avoid while in China, or a book on magic places similar to books that list haunted houses in real life, or a scam similar to maps to the fountain of youth that just happened to be right.

  2. The guide dressed as a government worker implying that the Chinese government has some people in the area. The guide doesn't have to work for the Chinese government. The Joketsuzoku, Musk, Yakusai, or another unknown party could be the ones who hired him. That might not be a government uniform and if it is it could just be so that people will listen to him and think he is a government official. He may just like wearing the outfit or buys them cheap since Ranma has worn a Maoist uniform in the manga as well. After explaining the curse he might of been told to convince the cursed victim to go to the Joketsuzoku village or another village so that the cursed individuals can be dealt with properly. Also when you look at how nice his house is it is doubtful that he is being paid by the communist Chinese government or that if they are that they are the only ones paying him.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Miss Adventures of ChiChi-Chan reference to Ranma

The adult (as in explicit) webcomic Miss Adventures of ChiChi-Chan had a short storyline that parodied Ranma ½ (the link goes straight to that story arc). Miss Adventures of ChiChi-Chan in a pretty decent webcomic that parodies several anime and plays with anime tropes. While it does contain a good deal of nudity; it is meant to be comedic rather than titillating.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Pinky and the Brain Ranma reference

There is a reference to Ranma ½ in one of the Pinky and the Brain comic books from 1997. Part of one of Brain's plans for world domination involved going to China and falling into the "Spring of the Drowned Martial Arts Master" to win a competition with a chain of dojo's as the award. Brain jumps in and Pinky notices that part of a bush was hiding the rest of the sign, that said "With a split personality". Pinky then jumps in after Brain to try and warn him. Brain jumps out of the spring and notices that Pinky is missing. As it turned out, Pinky was now inside of Brain's mind and speaking to him. Later, they find out that hot water switches them to Pinky, and cold water switches to Brain. Brain obtained the combat skills. The story ends with them falling into a bowl of Hot & Sour soup and splitting back to normal due to the 'contradictory nature of the soup'.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Anime vs Manga

The Ranma manga and anime are significantly different. I view them as alternate universes with the manga being the canon version. The reason I view the manga as the canon version is because the creator Rumiko Takahashi wrote it. The anime was written by a production team without Takahashi-sans input.

I am not even going to attempt to list all the differences between the versions but I will list some so you can get a general idea of the differences.
  1. There are cosmetic differences for instance Kuno gives Nabiki a doll to give to Ranma-chan in the anime. In the manga, Kuno gives Nabiki a stuffed panda bear. Doesn't change the story much if at all.

  2. There are anime only characters like Sasuke the Kuno's ninja and Copy cat Ken.

  3. There are manga only characters as well Konatsu and Akari for instance.

  4. The anime ends about half way through the manga.

  5. There are more filler episodes of the anime.

  6. The anime is more formulaic than the manga.

  7. Shampoo was brought in earlier in the anime than the manga because ratings were not high enough and Shampoo was the favorite character in Japan.

  8. Ryoga is displayed in a lighter way and gets more air time in the anime.

  9. Ranma has more fiancées in the anime than the manga - Daikoku Kaori and an unseen one at the end of the episode.

  10. Genma is more likely to sell Ranma in the anime. For instance he sold Ranma to the circus for a barrel of Bamboo.

  11. Ranma makes more of an effort to keep his female form secret in the anime than in the manga and does so for several seasons.

  12. Kuno learns that the principal is his father much sooner in the manga.

  13. Nabiki pours water on Ranma while Ranma is sleeping to take pictures of Ranma in the anime. In the manga, Nabiki takes pictures of Ranma while he is doing normal stuff no pouring water on him for pictures.

  14. Dr Tofu's mother picking out a bride never happened in the manga.

  15. Akane makes a promise to not hit Ranma in anger in the anime, she doesn't in the manga.

  16. The characters are generally nicer in the anime, with the exception of Akane and Ranma who are nicer in the manga.

  17. Akane hits Ranma more often in the anime.

  18. Ranma insults Akane more often in the anime.

  19. Mousse is less competent in the anime.

  20. Gosunkugi has a much larger role in the manga than the anime and isn't in the anime until near the end.

  21. Shampoo and Kodachi are much nicer in the anime than the manga.

  22. Genma is more cowardly in the anime.

  23. Ranma learns the neko-ken at the age of six in the anime, age 10 in the manga.

  24. Nabiki runs a betting pool in the anime, in the manga she doesn't even come to the fights and definitely does not run a betting pool.

  25. Ranma is doing much better at school in the manga, in the anime he requires Akane's help with his school work.

  26. In the anime Ranma misspelled the spirit wards, in the manga the priest misspelled them. Ranma's spelling is much worse in the English version; in the Japanese version he left out one stroke of a complicated kanji written fast, during battle, and in bruises whereas he misspelled buffoon in the VIZ version.

  27. In the anime Ranma is more gullible and easier to trick. In the manga Ranma is suspicious of peoples actions and is one of the least gullible people.

  28. Ranma is a lot more manipulative in the manga than he is in the anime (quite possibly the most manipulative person in the manga). I don't think even one volume occurs in which he doesn't try to manipulate someone in some way, be it Ryoga with a disguise, Shampoo to get a cure, Akane for kicks -like pretending the instant man water was destroyed, or even to help people -used suggestion incense and wrote a play to manipulate Happosai into changing Pantyhose Taro's name.

  29. The characters outfits are a lot more varied in the manga than the anime.

  30. The manga characters are smarter and more witty than their anime counterparts except for Akane who is smarter in the anime (example of more witty - Ranma uses sarcasm in the manga).

  31. The manga has more character development than the anime.

  32. The manga characters physically outclass the anime counterparts in just about every way.

  33. The manga is much darker than the anime for instance Shampoo planned on murdering Akane and having Pantyhose Taro take the blame in the manga, in the koi rod story Ranma was kneeling in a grave praying for Ryoga's happiness, and other not so nice events happen.

  34. Shampoo uses magical items to force Ranma into loving her more often in the anime.

  35. Dr Tofu is around longer and has a larger part in the anime.

  36. Ranma learns at a significantly faster rate in the manga than the anime. For instance he was able to duplicate the Umisenken after only seeing it once.

  37. Using the same trick on Ranma that you used on him in the past will not work against him in the manga. Since he will have either figured out how to duplicate the trick or he would have developed a counter for it before you can use it again, the same trick will work on the anime version.

  38. The chemistry club attacks Ranma in the anime, no chemistry club is even shown in the manga.

  39. For some unknown reason Ranma is faster in female form than he is in his male form in the anime.

  40. Ranma's mothers personality is different in the anime than in the manga.

  41. In the anime there is a Ghost Cat who shows up repeatedly. In the Manga there is also a ghost cat that shows up twice but it is not the same ghost cat. The cats use different means of getting girls, the second cat did not recognize the Tendo's or Ranma, and the second one showed no fear of Ranma which the first one did because Ranma while in the Neko-ken attacked it.
  42. Nabiki in the anime dresses up in a kimono when Ranma arrives, in the manga she just wears what she had been wearing earlier - shorts and a tee-shirt.
  43. The Tendo's of the anime are far poorer than their manga counterparts. The anime Tendo's had their power shut off and had shortages of food, these events did not happen in the manga.
  44. Jusenkyo has anime only characters such as the person with a frog curse and a group which monitors and attempts to punish people for misusing their curses.
  45. Soun and Genma play go and or shogi very often constantly cheating in the anime. They are not shown to do this in the manga.