Saturday, June 2, 2007

Pinky and the Brain Ranma reference

There is a reference to Ranma ½ in one of the Pinky and the Brain comic books from 1997. Part of one of Brain's plans for world domination involved going to China and falling into the "Spring of the Drowned Martial Arts Master" to win a competition with a chain of dojo's as the award. Brain jumps in and Pinky notices that part of a bush was hiding the rest of the sign, that said "With a split personality". Pinky then jumps in after Brain to try and warn him. Brain jumps out of the spring and notices that Pinky is missing. As it turned out, Pinky was now inside of Brain's mind and speaking to him. Later, they find out that hot water switches them to Pinky, and cold water switches to Brain. Brain obtained the combat skills. The story ends with them falling into a bowl of Hot & Sour soup and splitting back to normal due to the 'contradictory nature of the soup'.


Writer said...

Which issue is it?

antimatterenergy said...

I can not recall. It has been a while since I read them and I'd have to go search through the comics to find which one and I don't have access to the comics from where I am at the moment. The picture is taken directly from the comic though.