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Kidnappings in Ranma ½ Manga

I'm writing this because I saw a factually wrong and very incomplete list of kidnappings that occurred in the manga (this one is probably incomplete as well but not as much). The person was trying to point out how Akane does not get kidnapped as often as fan fiction would make us believe and that she wasn't kidnapped to be someone's bride all the time. That person is sort of correct, in that Akane doesn't get kidnapped to be someones bride in the manga (Ranma and Shampoo do), she does in the anime though. As for amount of times fan fiction has gotten that part right, she does get kidnapped often (usually as a means of getting at Ranma).

The definition of kidnapping I am using is: the taking away of a person against the person's will

Akane Tendo
  • Mousse abducted Akane to lure Ranma into a trap involving spring of the drown duck water.
  • Pantyhose Taro flew off with Akane and held her hostage in order to get Happosai to come to him.
  • Lime kidnapped Akane because he wanted to drink tea with a girl.
  • Kiima had crows bring Akane to Jusenkyo to use Akane to get at Ranma.
  • A cursed doll switched places with Akane to use Akane's body to get at Ranma.
  • Cologne kidnapped Akane to make her a prize for the winner when Ryoga and Ranma were fighting.
  • Gonsunki tried to kidnap her during the Romeo and Juliet arc (used chloroform) but she was too heavy.
  • Principal Kuno kidnapped her during the time where they were trying to find the coconut that the map on Kuno's head lead to (Used Rope and brooms to tie her up near the ceiling Akane freed herself).
  • Cologne knocked out and tied up Akane during the reversal jewel story arc to keep her out of the way.
  • Evil kunoichi women kidnapped Akane (put her in a bunny suit and hung her from a tree).
  • Shampoo took control of Akane through the use of pressure points to try and get the water proof soap from Ryoga.
  • Daimonji Sentaro wanted Ranma to be his bride kidnapped Ranma-chan to marry her instead of a monkey.
  • Ryoga stuffed Ranma-chan into a backpack and carried her off into the woods with the plan of killing her and burying her in the woods.
  • Happosai wrapped Ranma in chains, covered him with cement and buried him in the yard.
  • When Ranma was temporarily made into a child by the mushrooms of aging Kuno took Ranma to the amusement park against Ranma's will.
  • Genma knocked Ranma out with a sign and took him to the Tendo's in the very first volume.
  • When Happosai took away Ranma's strength, Akane tied up and put Ranma in the schools storage room for his own safety.
  • Mao Mo Lin (the Ghost Cat) wanted Shampoo as his bride.
  • Pink and Link kidnapped Shampoo to lure Ranma as part of a plan to get revenge on Shampoo (back-fired big time).
  • Kiima enslaved Shampoo to steal the map to Jusenkyo.
  • Evil kunoichi women Ukyo was carried off by Konatsu's step-family to force him to fight with Ranma.
Ryoga Hibiki (as P-chan)
  • Azusa Shiratori stole P-chan because he's cute.
  • Shampoo sort of abducted P-chan to make him into a meal but Shampoo just thought him as a regular pig.
  • Genma grabbed up P-chan to make him into lunch at the Jusenkyo guides house. Like Shampoo he just thought it was a regular pig.
  • Kodachi kidnapped and chained p-chan to Ranma.
Jusenkyo Guide
  • Phoenix people kidnap him to get the map of Jusendo.
  • Soun and Genma got him drunk put him in a cave with explosives and then sealed the cave using spirit wards.

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antimatterenergy said...

The above list of kidnappings within the Ranma manga is not complete. I know this and had stated in the post that it is probably not complete (this is in part a reply to an email). I will not be adding to it. I do not feel like searching through the manga for every instance and in several cases it is arguable as to whether it counts or not. I do want to point out that kidnappings is not limited to the manga and the anime, they occur in the video games as well. For example: Genma is kidnapped in the SNES Ranma RPG: Akanekodan Teki Hiho and in the PC Engine game Toraware no Hanayome female form Ranma is kidnapped to be a bride.