Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Ranma Toys

While not a very materialistic person, as a fan of Ranma ½, I am rather sad that I do not own very much Ranma ½ merchandise. Of the myriad amounts of Ranma ½ merchandise available; I have the manga both VIZ and in Japanese complete set as well as a few volumes in other languages. I also have a jigsaw puzzle, pack of cards, the movies and Oavs, Playstation game, and a couple of hand drawn photo's. Everything else I got on it is in digital format, i.e. on my computer. I would like to acquire some more stuff but do not have the funding or storage space for Ranma items. I particularly want the Ranma girl form statue released by VIZ.

In Japan new Ranma merchandise is being released all the time. Which is not surprising when you consider that more than 49.3 million copies of the manga were sold in Japan, it has been re-released 17 time, and the anime is still being shown in reruns on Japanese television (kids-station for example shows it frequently). The below pictures are of some recently or about to be released Ranma items in Japan.

Ranma Jigsaw Puzzle:

Bobble Head:

Cellphone Straps:


More Statues/figurines (added 7/23/2009):

Socks (added 3/11/2010)

Tee-Shirts (added 3/11/2010)

Pens (added 3/11/2010)

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