Thursday, July 24, 2008

A trip to the movies

I recently went to the movie theater to see Batman: The Dark Night (btw an alright but not as good as many people make it out to be movie). It seems that every time I go to the theater the price has increased. This can't be helped I guess but is fairly annoying. I didn't pay a lot since I went on a discount day. The local theaters have been having various sales to bring in people; the theater I go to most has several deals. Mondays showings are five dollars and they give free popcorn. If you bring in a gas receipt of more than five gallons of gas on Sunday-Thursday admission is five dollars. They also have a stamp where if you go to the movies five times you get free popcorn, eight times you get a free movie, and ten times you get a free movie and free popcorn.

I go to the movie theater occasionally, because some movies are just better seen on a big screen than they are on home televisions. I rarely see movies near their release dates because I dislike crowded theaters. I like going when the theater is nearly empty. The reason for this is people talk during movies, answer cell phones, use their cell phones to take pictures/video of the movie, and people are very messy. If I get popcorn or something from the concession stand, I rarely do this since the prices are exorbitant, I take care to not spill any and always carry the remains (container) to the trash receptacle as I leave. Many people just leave messes, half full popcorn containers, and other stuff on the floors/seats of the theater.

Some movie links:
-Internet Movie Database is a good place to check for more info on films, upcoming films, reviews, and trailers
-The Internet Movie Script Database has many entire movie scripts.
-Based on the Book is a catalog of books that have made it to film.
-AFI's Top 100 film quotes and the films site are two sources for movie quotes.
-Rotten Tomatoes and eFilm critic are a couple sites for reviews.
-Can also use wikipedia or wikiqoutes to look for movies or quotes.
-To watch movies on line Veoh is pretty decent, at least for Japanese films. Watch Movies has some free online movies as well. Entertainment Magazine has some free classic movies. Of course there is also Youtube. I don't know much about these sites, since I do not have fast internet access but they do have some movies.

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