Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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I've been told that it is best to write a blog on one topic and then stick to that topic. If you want to write about more than one topic, start multiple blogs. In January I, for a few weeks, separated this blog into multiple blogs. It was neater and more organized but I preferred writing in just one blog rather than several, so dropped that idea. I use labels to organize this blog which, I believe sufficient to locating content the reader is interested in. If interested in my posts on environment but not on Ranma ½ could just click the label and read those articles. I also now have a search option, I had tried the blog navbars search the blog option but it did not work very well at finding content, so I removed the navbar and installed the other one.

The real topic this blog is on; is whatever I happen to feel about writing about at the moment. Ranma ½ is just something I feel like writing about more than other things and is a much larger topic than most people seem to think. I could, if I wanted to, link just about anything I wanted to write about to Ranma ½. There are 39 Ranma books (including the memorial book), several games, a whole bunch of episodes, Ranma does show up in other media (like Pinky and the Brain), and thousands upon thousands of fan written stories.

A few examples:

Recently wrote about crucifixion in Japan. This could have easily been linked to the Ranma manga. Since Kasumi wears a crucifix, Principal Kuno tied up Akane in crucified manner, and Akane in dream chased Happosai with a cross.

Wrote about smoking. Also could have been linked to the manga since several characters, Cologne, Soun, and Happosai for example, smoke. Happosai even uses his smoking pipe (called a kiseru which is made up of a metal bowl joined by a length of hallow bamboo or a metal pipe) as a weapon.

Wrote about animal testing/cruelty. This could easily have been linked to the manga since we see both Ranma and Tatewaki Kuno test if the food Kodachi cooked is poisoned or not by feeding it to a fish and a dog.

Wrote about shampoo. There is a point in the manga in which Shampoo (the character) uses a herbal shampoo to suppress Akane's memories.

Star Trek - has in TNG, a component of nanites called Ranma ½.

War - slightly more difficult but the Saffron arc was a mini-war. Multiple battles, Invasion of Phoenix Mountain, Taking of hostages, Major destruction of land, etc.

If I tried hard enough I can make a connection of some type with practically anything I could think of, so that everything is at least partially on topic. Though doing so really wouldn't add much to the articles themselves and would be slightly more time consuming. The opposite is true as well for many of the things written on Ranma, I could have told by other means. For example, Ranma-onna versus Ranma-otoko could have removed the Ranma aspect and just compared a hypothetical situation dealing with how a person would be different were they to suddenly gain the ability to change from male to female, or used one of the other characters in fiction who has this ability. Doing so would change the article some but the main points would still stand.

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