Sunday, July 13, 2008

Demae - delivery of prepared food

DeMae is the Japanese word for restaurant delivery.

Delivery of prepared foods from restaurant to homes or offices is usually done by scooter or bicycle. Bicycle deliverers typically balance the container of food with one hand while steering with the other. Dirty dishes are picked up by the restaurant either shortly after you are finished or the next day. This used to be a free service but now most places charge a service charge. It is not customary to tip the delivery person (Japanese do not tip in most situations).

This is seen multiple times through out the Ranma manga. It is Shampoo's job in the manga. There is also an entire story arc about a martial arts take out race. This arc also occurs in the anime as well, though they vary significantly in that the anime introduces a new anime-only fiancee in that story arc.

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