Monday, February 18, 2008

Slayers Ranma references

The above two pictures are of Sherra, the second general of Dynast Grausherra, in the Slayers novels. If you have not noticed Sherra looks an awful lot like Ranma-onna. This is probably not a coincidence. The artist, Rui Araizumi, that drew the characters for the Slayers novels also drew Ranma hentai doujinshi, more specifically Ran Ran Ran F.

Another Slayers - Ranma ½ connection is that Ranma-onna's anime seiyū (voice actress) and Lina Inverse's anime seiyū are the same person, Megumi Hayashibara.

There are also two twin girls, Mimi and Nene, in a Slayers Next episode (The Forbidden Dance? Where is the Strongest Spell?) that bear a striking resemblance to Shampoo from Ranma ½. Whether that is a coincidence or not is unknown. They are pictured below.

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