Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nabiki reading the manga

I recently found the above screen shot taken from the anime in which Nabiki can be seen reading a volume of the Ranma manga. So I wonder who is writing it in the anime or is it somehow magical giving her insider information?


Drekal said...

In order for it to be giving her insider information, the first chapter would have to have been released some time before Ranma arrived. In which case, either Nabiki picked up on it after realising how closely certain events in it matched up to her life, or she'd already been reading it and decided to throw herself into the role completely.

Given the rate at which events occur when compared to how quickly the new chapters were released, Nabiki would have information up to a particular point and no further than that. After that, the manga would trail further and further behind. She'd get new volumes, read and think "Yeah, I know this already."

As for who is writing it, perhaps in that universe there is a Rumiko Takahashi, who happens to live in the area. Could be one of Kasumi's friends, and get story ideas from her, for example.

Anonymous said...

Even if the event had already happened, looking at the volumes could give her insights and information she did not already have, which if used correctly could be very useful.

MZephyr said...

Perhaps this is a Nabiki from an anime-based universe, who is reading about events in a manga-based universe. In that case, the correspondence to events in her world is, shall we say, somewhat imperfect.

Drekal said...

Well, there were quite a few differences between the manga and the anime, not even counting the episodes that were original to the anime. So she probably wouldn't use it as a reliable source of information, really.

Also, the anime stopped right at Nodoka's introduction and only had OVAs thereafter. I kinda wish they'd continued to the end, it would've been fun seeing the final arc in animated form. Instead, we shall have to deal with the new OVA they're releasing, based on the sleep incense. Hopefully they'll do more after that, but it's unlikely.