Friday, January 2, 2009

Holy Sh*t! The world’s weirdest comic books

Holy Sh*t! The world’s weirdest comic books by Paul Gravett and Peter Stanbury is an interesting little book. The book gives a description and the cover of several comic books, considered to be weird. Considering that I have been on various image boards (4-chan for example), have seen/read some Japanese doujinshi, and have read web comics; I can think of far weirder comics. Some of the comics aren’t even as weird as some of the mainstream comics like say dead pool, some of the earlier superman comics (you know the type in which he fights weird things like giant monkey’s), or wonder woman (who used to lose her powers when tied up).

The book is a somewhat interesting read, the weirdest thing, in my opinion, is that I had only heard of (or remember) two of these comics prior to reading this book: Popeye personal service careers and Genus (a comic about anthropomorphic lesbian unicorns). The first because I’d seen scans taken from it on the web before and the second because I had looked up Antarctic Press comics (I like Gold digger and Ninja High School -which I was first introduced to by Ranma fan fiction).

While I have no interest in reading most of the comics listed in the book there are a few I would read had I seen them at the library or bargain bin at the comic book store. Two of them look more interesting to me then the others are: Long Shot comics, it is a minimalist comic in which there are black dots representing the people and dialogue. If the dialog is anywhere near as good as the web comic xkcd, which uses stick figures, it would probably be worth reading. Some of the strips which are somewhat amusing are online here: Eyestrain Productions.The second comic which looks like it would be interesting is the Barn of Fear, a comic about farm animals getting revenge on cruel farmers who delight in killing the animals.

Some sites that are similar to this book are (and in the case of at least the first one funnier than this book, mainly because of the commentary):
James Lilek’s Funny Books
Scott Shaw!’s Oddball Comics
What Were They Thinking?!

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