Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pointless Ranma Questions

I occasionally see a list of pointless question on forums and websites so here is a list of pointless questions. Feel free to answer them via commenting if you want to.

1.Which do you prefer, the manga, the anime, or the fan fiction?

2.Have you written a Ranma fan fic?
2a. If yes, is it posted online?
2b. If yes, where is it located at?

3.Do you have a favorite quote from the series?
3a. If yes, what is it?

4. Did you like the ending?

5. Ranma has a large number of crossovers in Fan fiction. In many of them Ranma ends up with a girl not from his series. Taking that into account, what character from any work would you like to see Ranma pair up with?
5a. Akane paired up with?
5b. Any other character?

6. Which character is your favorite?

7. What is your least favorite story arc?
7a. Most Favorite?

8. Do you own or have played any Ranma ½ games?
8a.If yes, which ones?

9. Have you ever wondered why Nodoka married Genma?

10. Do you think Ranma is attempting to learn magic?

My answers to the above pointless questions:
1. Manga without a doubt.
2a. No
2b. N/A While I have written some snippets in the past I've never posted them, always unhappy with them and deleted them (also never got very far into any of them for various reasons).
3."Did you really think sealing me in concrete and burying me in the yard was even going to slow me down?!" - Ranma
4. Yes, I liked that it was open ended leaving the readers to come up with what happens next (that mentioning of the wedding being postponed for a little time is only the online scans not the VIZ version, the Chinese or the original Japanese version). There are too many problems to solve in anything like a short period of time and the characters are not ready for marriage (Ranma in particular knows he is not ready and does not want to resolve the fiancee mess since it is in his best interest to keep the status quo relationship wise).
5.In general I prefer crossover couples in fan fiction more than I do the canon coupling or couplings with canon characters. Part of the reason I prefer them is many of the fan fics using the canon people are not very good, massive out of character (I like the manga mostly because of the characters), and too many of them are just solve everything quickly and easily (completely unbelievable, Just because Ranma and Akane decide they like making out with one another is not going to solve the problems, in fact I'd say that at least in the short term the problems would get worse not better). Some crossover pairings I'd like to see, or in some cases more of, are: Ranma/ Cutey Honey pairing, a Ranma/Shego from Kim Possible, a Ranma/ Illyria from Angel TV series, Ranma/Sailor Saturn from Sailormoon (there are quite a few of these but I really like this match up) and a Ranma/Harley Quinn from Batman.
5a. I'd also like to see more Akane paired up with people from other series, Ranma gets paired up with others often Akane doesn't. I'd like to see Akane paired up with Marvel Universe's Thor, actually that's the only one I could think of at this point in time that I'd like to see. It is far easier to match up Ranma with others than it is Akane.
6. Ranma is my favorite character
7. Gambling king arc is by far the worst arc in the manga what with the massive plot hole, the complete out of characterness, the extreme stupidity, etc.
7a. I don't really have a favorite arc. It changes depending on mood and what I've read lately.
8. Yes. Pretty much all of the officially released ones and several fan made ones.
9. Several times, figure Genma was a better person when younger but really all evidence points to him not being better since Nodoka remembers him hiding from and jumping on bill collectors.
10. Yes, considering he wants to cure his curse, he has used magic items several times, he came to Nerima carrying several magic items with him (girl repellent and dragon whisker), he has sought out power ups (Dogi), and his opponents attempt to use magic on him somewhat frequently - I think he spends considerable time trying to learn anything he can about magic.

This post inspired by random question threads everywhere, with some questions taken from them.


M.Zephyr said...

1. Manga. I refuse to watch the anime. I also like my own fan-fiction (which is a good thing if you think about it).

2. Yes. 2a. Yes. 2b. FanFiction.net plus my own web site.

3. Since I'd have to stop and think about it, I suppose I can't claim that I have a favorite quote.

4. I'm ambivalent regarding the ending. On the one hand, I didn't like it as an ending for the story. On the other hand, I like how the open-ended nature has generated so much fan-fiction which I've enjoyed.

5. I don't read crossovers. Afraid I don't want Ranma paired with anyone other than Akane, and vice versa.

6. Akane is my favorite.

7. I'm with you. The Gambling King is far and away the arc I like the least, in fact, actively dislike. I also don't think I could point to any one arc and call it a favorite.

8. I've never played any Ranma video games. If it comes to that, I've played very, very few video games of any sort.

9. Frequently. I usually end up assuming that Nodoka's and Genma's was an arranged marriage.

10. No, I don't think Ranma is actively attempting to learn magic. He'll attempt to make use of anything which comes along, but I don't think that's the same thing.

Eric Martin said...

1. Manga.

2. Yes.
2a. Yes.
2b. Two at Fanfiction.net (Compromising Position and Idiots in Love) and one at Adultfanfiction.net. (Taming a Tomboy)

3. Yes.
3a. "It's Ranma! And those idiots!" -Akane

4. Yes.

5. I don't like to see Ranma paired with anybody other than Akane and vice versa.
5a. See above.
5b. Never thought of it before.

6. Nodoka.

7. Gambler King.
7a. Saotome Family Treasure arc, if only because Nodoka finally meets her son.

8. No.
8a. N/A

9. Multiple times. I've always assumed that it was an arranged marriage or that Nodoka was just a little crazy.

10. No, but I can see him doing so.