Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Did not reach writing goal

In the month of November I set a goal for myself to write at least a 50,000 word story (chosen subject was a Ranma fanfic). While I did make an attempt to reach that goal; I did not. I would have liked to have done so but I didn't. This doesn't overly bother me. I'm not exactly happy with what I wrote but at least I wrote something, which is better than nothing. With some editing and expanding upon what I did write, I may consider it as not bad.

There are several reasons as to why I did not reach my goal. The largest contributor was illness. I was sick and had trouble concentrating on things for nine of the thirty days. Some other factors were distraction (I'd sit in front of the computer and instead of typing I'd browse the internet), indecisiveness (in that I could not decide what story I wanted to tell and kept changing the story), writers block, and what contributes to me avoiding doing things more than any other thing: my innate laziness. I'm pretty lazy, for example with this blog I've told myself in the past that I should write at least one post a week so as to acquire regular readers but I keep putting it off even though it is a reasonable goal. This is very obvious when I take into account that I have started, but not completed, more than a hundred posts (I've got a 107 posts, on many subjects, in draft at the time of writing this).

In case anyone happens to be wondering the story I ended up starting, it is a continuation of the Ranma manga that becomes a crossover with X-men Evolution. It's not quite the same as I speculated earlier in a post about an idea for a Ranma X-men Evolution crossover story but does contain some aspects from that post. I still have not decided as to whether I want to post it online somewhere or not but if I do it is unlikely that I'd post any of it until some time next year. This is in part because I want to re-watch at least part of the series so as to get better characterization (I have not watched any of the X-men Evolution series in awhile). That which I did write focuses solely on the Ranma characters with a partial meeting between the Ranma characters and some of the X-men and the Brotherhood.

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