Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Slayers SNES translated

I just found out that the translation for Slayers RPG for the SNES is now available. This is a translation that I've been wanting for a long time (though I have already played and beat the game in Japanese with a little help from a FAQ since I was not patient). This translation took a long time and multiple groups had taken it up but not to completion. This translation was a joint project between Matt's Messy Room and Dynamic Designs. I have not played the game in quite some time but do remember enjoying it. If I remember correctly the game play is similar to the Dragon Quest games (in that it is a turn based RPG). Generally I'd play the game now since I have been waiting for this game to be translated for a while but I am doing other stuff at the moment and may comment upon the game or the translation at a later date.

The patch can be gotten from the Dynamic Designs website. The translations for the Ranma RPG is on that site as well.

The rom can be found pretty easily using Google. One site that has it is Rom Nation.

Here is the front and back covers for the box:

-addon 6/20/2010 I finally have gotten around to playing this game with the patch. If you download the rom from the site I mentioned that has it you will need to remove the rom header from it using a program such as NSRT for it to patch correctly.

-addon 7/27/2010 Having played this game again; I found it to take much less time and to be significantly easier in English. The only part that is of any difficulty is locating a key needed to open the final dungeon located on a lake. As I have mentioned before the best thing about using emulators is the ability to fast forward doing so during the easy battles in this game saves a considerable amount of time (also allows you to quickly level up making the game even easier) and using the same tactic repeatedly works for the majority of the battles. As for the storyline it is alright but not great; the Mazoku's plans to use Lina clones to increase their dwindling numbers is not that bad an idea.

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