Saturday, June 26, 2010

10 entirely pointless questions

This post has no real purpose and I don't really expect replies but I felt like making it anyways. I recently did a few surveys on a site (while simultaneously reading a different site) and thought what the hell why not make a little pointless survey of my own. I would not really recommend doing online surveys unless you happen to be very bored, they generally do not pay well (not worth the time) but occasionally you get other items - I've gotten some items such as Pringles potato chips 100 stack before the stores did, a dozen cans of dog food, and amazon gift cards. I also generally am not what they are looking for in survey takers since I buy generic, shop stores not on their lists of stores (often shop local stores not national), don't frequent restaurants often (again when I do usually not chain restaurants), my largest expense is books, don't drink pop or alcohol, not planning a big purchase, infrequently shop for things like clothing and electronics, etc.

1. How many physical books are in arm reach of where you happen to be sitting (no counting e-books)?
- 164

2. What is the last beverage you drank before reading this (or currently are drinking)?
- Iced Tea

3. What website did you go to immediately before (or concurrently are on in another tab/window)?
- How Much Inside more specifically How much inside a million dollars

4. What is the last movie you watched?
Alice in Wonderland

5. Last video game played?
- Slayers RPG for the SNES

6. In general do you buy generic or name brand?

7. What type of food does your favorite restaurant serve?
No favorite. Lebanese, Japanese, Mexican, American, Chinese, Indian, Italian, etc. is all alright by me.

8. Do you prefer action stories or cerebral ones?
I prefer reading stories that make me think rather than stories that appeal to emotion but I generally put too much thought even into stories that are not supposed to be thought provoking at all.

九 (kyū). Error missing question.

10. Why did I write this post?

ДЕВЯТЬ, devet, θʹ, IX, nueve.

Did you see that movie?
I did. While an alright movie I didn't think that it was that good.


MZephyr said...

1. Books within arms reach - 192, not counting notebooks, and if I stretch to reach the top shelf.
2. Last beverage - water.
3. Previous web site - Fanfiction Forum
4. Last movie - Wolverine (on TV). If restricted to the theater, my wife dragged me to Shrek 4.
5. Last video game - does Solitaire count?
6. Name brand usually.
7. Food at favorite restaurant - steak.
8. Action stories or cerebral? - I prefer a good mix.

antimatterenergy said...

4. Last movie - Wolverine (on TV). If restricted to the theater, my wife dragged me to Shrek 4.

I saw Wolverine and didn't really enjoy it. I've not seen Shrek 4.

5. Last video game - does Solitaire count?

Sure. Just regular Solitaire or one of the variations? Personally I enjoy spider Solitaire more than the regular one.

MZephyr said...

I liked Wolverine well enough for a TV movie. I don't think I'd have wanted to spend theater money on it. I wish I hadn't done so for Shrek 4, but then that wasn't my idea in the first place.

I generally play Klondike and Midnight Oil (La Belle Lucie).