Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Underwear thieves of the animal world

See the cat in the pictures above wearing panties and near a pile of panties, his name is Oscar and he is a 13 year old British cat that steals panties (and other things but prefers panties) and brings them home to his owners. This cat is not the only animal I've read about stealing panties. I recall reading about a bird that made a nest out of panties and some baboons at Knowsley Safari Park in England breaking into luggage and taking the underwear.

Happosai in the Ranma ½ series is a pantie thief and were he to see one of the various articles about animals stealing panties I could easily see him acquiring some animals and teaching them to get panties for him. Cats would be a good choice since there are a lot of cats in Tokyo and the person who stops Happosai when he is on his raids the most often is Ranma, a person who has ailurophobia. Though as far as I can recall Happosai doesn't know that in the manga.

On the subject of ailurophobia (ailouros - Greek word for cat; phobos - Greek word for fear):
1. I've seen Nekophobia used a few times in fan fics and find it to be strange for some reason (Neko is Japanese for cat).
2. Scientists in Japan have created mice that have no fear of cats.
3. Some megalomaniac people have supposedly had a fear of cats. I've seen mention that Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Julius Caesar, Mussolini, and Napoleon all feared cats (though in some of the listed ones I believe that is myth not fact).

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