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Possible NaNoWriMo story idea

A person I have been talking with about Harry Potter suggested to me to try my hand at writing a fan fic for NaNoWriMo (which I didn't manage to meet minimum word count last year and wasn't happy with what I did write). Since Ranma 1/2 is my favorite series it would be the series I'm most inclined to primarily write for but since I have been talking with someone about Harry Potter in a few dozen or so emails I could possibly write a crossover with the two series. Here are some ideas for a possible crossover between the two series with it being a Hermione/Ranma pairing (because I prefer Ranma stories with crossover girls more than canon girls or original characters and I hate the Hermione/Ron pairing).

I was already thinking about writing a fan fic which uses the spiritual and magical aspects of Ranma 1/2 which don't really show up that often in fan fics so crossing it with Harry Potter would be doable. Though for the story I think it would be best for Ranma to be unable to do direct magic like the Harry Potter Wizards do. Flying a broom, apparition, transfiguring things with a wand and some words, becoming an animagus all not possible for Ranma to do. Creating potions, using magical items and plants, ritual, and rune magic are possible for him though. I'd like for the story to be a mix of Ranma 1/2 things and people with Harry Potter things and people.

Story start six months post Ranma manga and Harry Potter prior to the epilogue but mostly happens pre and beginning manga and during the Goblet of Fire.

- The time period from the end of the manga to the start of the story was very busy, very tiring, and extremely stressful for Ranma (a few examples of the stress is his mother holding the Seppuku contract over his head demanding he do things that she thinks he should while implying not doing so would be unmanly, Happosai, the girls, random challengers, etc.). That being the case Ranma decides to get away from it all for a bit and travels to a remote area of Australia partially to train in the more destructive techniques he knows or is trying to figure out but mostly just to relax and live off the land isolated from annoying people for a bit.
- Hermione at the beginning of the story has left the United Kingdom to go find her parents who she memory charmed and sent to Australia but they weren't where she expected them to be. While fairly near to Ranma she manages to get seriously hurt.
- Ranma happens to be in the area at the time finds her and takes care of her (uses pressure points to paralyze her legs so she doesn't feel the pain of broken burnt legs. Uses water of life to temporarily heal her giving him time to prepare the items needed to actually save her life. Can't take her to a hospital since he is pretty far away from civilization. This is a bonding point and start of a friendship for Ranma and Hermione (not fall in love immediately Ranma likes Akane and Hermione likes Ron at this point). Him taking care of her will have her looking at him positively and her being grateful and talking to him while healing will cause him to look at her favorably.
- Some time passes with her healing up (can't apperate to a hospital but she doesn't know why). They come upon a cave where they happen to run across a type of aboriginal spirit called the Quinkan (Ranma and Hermione hadn't noticed/recognized the crystals outside the cave which were trapping the spirit within).
-Ranma knows the basics of how to fight a spirit and some abilities in which spirits have but he was caught off guard (takes time to create o-fudo and shimenawa) and the spirit is too powerful for him to fight as Ranma is at that point.
- Ranma and Hermione somehow, they have no clue as to how though the Quinkan does know how, enters dreamtime. The dreamtime is a place in Aboriginal mythology where time and space have no meaning.
- Together Ranma and Hermione manage to exit the dreamtime but they do so into their younger bodies more specifically Hermione enters hers shortly before the Triwizard tournament and Ranma finds himself back in China before he acquired his curse (what really annoys him but doesn't surprise him is that the curse stayed with him when he traveled into his younger body).
- The Quinkan, which doesn't perceive the passing of time like humans do, has a small connection to Ranma and Hermione which it will try to use to kill them and use the energy released by their deaths to free itself from it's prison. Weakened, still imprisoned, and from such a far distance its abilities are hampered but it is capable of changing the names on two of the papers that come out of the goblet. Instead of Cedric's name coming out of the goblet Hermione's does. Harry's name doesn't comes out, Ranma's does.

Misc things to happen
- Ranma is not respectful to people that don't respect him and will search the entire castle (because that is something that he does several times in the manga at various places).
- The Quinkan influences things to change the tournament to be harder than canon
- Voldemort changes his plans since Harry is not in the tournament.
- Happosai and therefor people with grudges against Happosai like Taro, Lucky, and Cologne (trying to get back some of the stuff Happosai stole) will show up.
- Ryoga and Ukyo will show up but the muggle repellent wards will stymie Ukyo some. Ryoga doesn't notice them, Happosai, Lucky, Cologne, Ranma, and Pantyhose Taro are not effected by them at all.
- Genma will drag the Tendo's with him (in an attempt to prevent Ranma from ending up with Ukyo or some other girl) and Tatewaki will follow the Tendo's (muggle repellent wards do work on them to a degree).
- Tengu are an enemy of Ranma that showed up after Saffron but before the time travel they are his enemy mostly because he refuses to kill or enslave them after defeating them (which they take as a great and personal insult and is to their view the only acceptable outcomes of battle). The Quinkan will influence them into attacking Ranma again.
- Ranma and Hermione play pranks on their enemies (Something Ranma canonly does but Hermione is less inclined to do though considering she did use blackmail, hexed people, and placed a curse on a contract I could see her doing so).
- Hermione learns that compulsions have been put on her (and all muggle born) and her (their) parents (muggle borns aren't given a choice to enter the wizarding world and are influenced to think less of muggles and their abilities), even more furious to learn that her memories have been altered, and filled with enough rage to be able to caste the killing curse and pain curse when she learns Hogwarts a history is a bunch of revisionist historians lies (it is after-all the type of thing that the pure bloods would be expected to have done) and that the school is purposely teaching flawed and weakened versions of magic (so that those with power can keep the others from gaining more and potentially becoming more powerful than them). For example, she has a compulsion to be respectful to authority which explains why she still is when she has every reason to not be.
- Hermione, and Ranma to some degree, will make use of the scientific method to figure out magic (since it can be experimented with and doing the same thing results in the same results it should be possible for people who can do magic to learn more about it rather than just do spells people have already done).
- Hermione will learn a version of Occlumency and Ranma's meditation and naturally strange by both muggle and wizard standard life protects him from legimancy.
- Ranma, and because of how Ranma does it, and Hermione will make use of some muggle things that are equivalent or better than their magical counterparts (like use a fountain pen instead of a quill).
- To fight the Quinkan and other things that are drawn into the mix Ranma and Hermione will have to transcend their humanity and risk losing it in the process (also no one can enter the dreamtime without it changing them some).
- Ranma has to go through dangerous (because it requires the person to be near death the first few times) and time consuming (mainly) Shinto and Buddhist rituals (as well as purifying rituals) so as to be able to astral project acquiring a spirit form to fight spirits (it is shown that astral projection is possible in the Ranmaverse by a person doings so). Accidental beneficial side effect is that it is a partial cure to the Neko-ken and removes many minor bad luck curses he had acquired (like from Gosunkugi) which stops (and partially explains) the mysterious banana peels or stray bars of soap show up for him to trip on, Akane/people near magically showing up at the most in opportune times, how he could jump on a broken fence manage to jump off in time to avoid falling only to land on another fence that just happens to also broken, and why more hot or cold water seeking him out than the other Jusenkyo victims (which was even pointed out by Genma at one point in the manga).
- Ranma's astral form is a cat girl (more girl than cat) with wings of blue ranging from nearly white to nearly black spirit fire. The reason for the cat part is the Neko-ken, the girl part is because it is shown that the curse effects Ranma's aura enough that animals sense him as being a harmless girl (during the Herb arc), and all spirits (in the manga at least) have spirit fire but Ranma's default state has the fire in the form of wings as a side effect of the phoenix pill and the fight with Saffron more specifically when Saffron was going to absorb Ranma into his egg it went both ways. Ranma's spirit form has abilities and weakness different than his mortal form which he has to learn though most are based on what the spirits in the manga were shown capable of doing including possession, spirit fire, entering dreams, transfiguration, inflict minor curses, create shields, flight, invisibility, communion with animals and nature. It also has weaknesses biggest being that Ranma's body is left defenseless when his spirit doesn't reside within it, Ranma is not the most powerful spirit having to learn how to use the abilities, spirit wards effect it, etc.
- Hermione doesn't (and is incapable of doing so because of the nature of her magic closest she could come is to die and come back like the ghosts seen in the books) acquire a spirit form like Ranma does. Instead she has to learn (mostly figure out on her own since the people who do know don't want to share) old unflawed magic which brings her closer to nature giving herself a new form with different abilities as well.
- The reason that the ghosts and spirits are so different between the two series will be explained by how they are created. When a magical person becomes a ghost they are like Moaning Myrtle or nearly headless Nick whereas when muggles become ghosts they gain more abilities. Magical people are incapable of seeing or interacting with muggle ghosts except in extremely rare cases, so do not believe that muggle ghosts exist.
- Attempts to change things that had happened using future knowledge which works to a very limited degree since people are making different choices and are being influenced by the Quinkan.

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antimatterenergy said...

Just remembered that the water of life becomes normal water when out of contact with the moss of life, so should probably change it to Ranma using a bit of the moss of life with weakened potency since it is out of contact with the Orachi.

Should probably also start the story after Ranma healed her rather than try to describe it. Though the way I imagine him healing her is to use acupuncture and pressure points to cause paralysis, speed up natural healing, and stop pain. Deal with the burns with burn salve, stitch up wounds that can be, splint broken bones, bandage her up, and use a blood restorative potion to deal with blood loss since giving a transfusion without knowing blood type is usually not a good idea and the circumstances make it difficult for Ranma to give her blood. Though the exact methods used don't really matter for the fic.