Sunday, December 11, 2011

Casey and Andy - Ranma reference

I was reading webcomic called Casey and Andy yesterday and noticed a reference to Ranma ½. In strip 242, Andy has acquired water from the spring of the drowned girl and has the idea to sell it to transsexuals. I archive binged through the entire web comic and found it to be fairly enjoyable though it doesn't make it anywhere near the top of my list of webcomics to read (were I to have such a list).

Sorry about the long hiatus between posts. I just didn't feel like writing pretty much at all this year. I was browsing the web last night and found a few people have still been reading my blog. I encountered at the Ranma wikia (a site I was unaware it existed until just recently): Outside References to Ranma ½ which clearly had an editor that had viewed my blog since most of the references mentioned are mentioned by me in this blog and the same pictures, cropped the same way, were used. I also found out that Tvtropes has a few links to my blog as well as wikipedia (though strangely the wikipedia ones are not English language ones). Even though I have not been actively writing this blog for some time interest in it seems to be increasing since I'm getting more hits according to the stats and linked to more often and not just the Ranma posts some of my posts on Japanese culture and book commentary are being linked to quite a bit as well.

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