Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Peta video - setting for a story

I just watched this video by peta. It didn't tell me anything I hadn't already known and while I am temporarily a vegetarian (I chose to give up meat during lent and have done so for several years now) the video has no impact on whether or not I will stay a vegetarian for longer than the amount of time I have decided on. I know the benefits to being vegetarian and the down sides ethically and biologically (and I do agree with most of them) so don't bother telling me them via comments (they won't effect my decision if I decide to stay vegetarian or even go farther and become a vegan it will be a choice I make that will not take into account random unknown people on the internet so don't waste your time talking about that to me). I like that they spread the knowledge about what is done on farms, at least the major ones, primarily because too many people don't know and imagine them to be very different.

What I thought about watching the video was about a setting for a story. A factory farm is a pretty horrific place from the animals point of view and having a protagonist end up on one could be interesting. The protagonist could be an animal, a human who was cursed to be an animal somehow, or even a human in an alternate reality where humans are food stock. I don't know which type of protagonist I would most likely write about but it is more likely that I'd write it as a human (people in general can relate more to people than animals).

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