Friday, July 6, 2007

Ranma's Physical strength

Ranma is incredibly strong many times stronger than a normal human. We've never seen Ranma push himself to his limit strength wise and there is no way to tell how strong he really is. Ranma's male form is stronger than his female form how much so is unknown. Some feats for female form Ranma are throwing multi-ton ice blocks around, punching multi-ton boulders shattering them, pushing a roughly 70-ton boulder into the mouth of the Yamata-Orochi underwater, and supporting pressure Ryoga exerted on two enormous floating slabs of ice with an approximate total weight of roughly 250 to 700 metric tons when Ryoga was standing on her head (weight was determined by someone on wikipedia, By comparing with the almost 2m tall 'tiny' Mikado, with an estimated total weight of between 1.5m*8m*25m*917kg/m^3=275*10^3kg and 2.5m*10m*30m*917kg/m^3=687*10^3kg.).

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