Friday, September 14, 2007

Ryoga's direction sense

Ryoga's direction sense is pretty bad. In some fan fiction they joke that he could get lost in a room with one door. While it's not that bad in the manga, it still is very bad and he seems to accidentally teleport since he has managed to cross large bodies of water without noticing. In the Fan scanlation, he considers both France and China to be in walking distance, while in the Viz version and the text translation he says horse race track and Kyushu (which is a separate island of Japan). He has managed to some how miss Tokyo an area of over 1000 miles by many miles as in 100's (500 miles in VIZ version), ended up in Russia while looking for Hong Kong, went the wrong way in a three legged race, and somehow got himself and Ukyo lost in such away that they managed to get to the finish line first, could not find the exit to Shampoo's house, amongst other times. He also uses the breaking point and shishihadoken to tunnel through the earth, which can not help his sense of direction. As for the picture below, it is from the Fan Scan, in the VIZ version it says Nagasaki in the background and not Hong Kong.

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