Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Abridged Series

I recently had access to high speed internet and used it to watch several abridged series on video sites like youtube. An abridged series is a fan made parody of an anime/television show/movie. I watched Yugioh abridged, Lupin 3 abridged, Sailormoon abridged (there are several), Avatar abridged, Teen Titans abridged, and Elfen Lied abridged. The best of the abridged series that I watched was Yugioh abridged.

I, many years ago, used to watch Yugioh on television. It wasn't a very good show but was better than the other shows on during that time slot. When you do not have cable or satellite, only freely broadcast television access, your options are limited. Since then local over the air broadcast has stopped showing anime/cartoons entirely (with the exception of Saturday morning). Yugioh abridged is, in my opinion, superior to the actual show. This isn't true about the other abridged series I watched. Teen Titans and Lupin the 3rd actual episodes were funnier than their abridged versions.

Abridged series though are very good at pointing out incongruities and plot holes. They also point out/ridicule stupid actions made by the characters. They do point out things that while watching the originals had you wondering why did they do that or what was the point of that. I considered making my own abridged series, but then remembered that I am lazy and it is too much work.

Most of the series have more than one abridged version but these were the better ones for the series that I had watched:

Yugioh Abridged:
Lupin the 3rd abridged:
Avatar abridged:
Teen Titan abridged:
Elfen Lied abridged:
Sailormoon abridged: also located at:

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