Friday, September 26, 2008


Shortpacked! is a webcomic set in a toy store. The main character of the comic is a rabid collector of action figures. I find this web comic to be humorous on occasion. Since it is about toys, most often action figures in particular, it makes many references to anime, cartoons, science fiction, and comic books. I particularly like the spoofing of Batman. I also find that earlier pages are more amusing than the more recent ones.

I personally don't collect action figures. I only have a few, a Ryoko figurine from Tenchi Muyo and a few Star Trek ships. I was never really that interested in action figures. Partially because they cost too much and I have no place in which to put them. Sure I had some toy soldiers and teenage mutant ninja turtle action figures but I mostly played video games, baseball, and read books when I was young. My toys of choice was a rubber baseball and deck of cards (I used to build castles out of cards but haven't done that in years).

This comic does make mention of Ranma. The picture of the top, while not anywhere near the best this strip has, mentions Ranma. The link to the strip is here:

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