Sunday, May 3, 2009

Geocities closing

With the recent announcement that geocities is going to close soon, Ive been going through my bookmarks and saving pages/finding alternative sites. Few things I quickly realized; my bookmarks are extremely bloated and there are a lot more Ranma fanfics not on or saved in the RAAC archives than I thought (just today I found 37 fics not on those archives). While quite a few of the geocities sites in my bookmarks are about Ranma fanfiction, there is also quite a few Dirty Pair, Evangelion, Tenchi Muyo, Your Under Arrest, and Slayers fan sites as well (those are really great anime). I've found more Dirty Pair fan fiction in my bookmarks than I thought had existed, sadly they aren't that good.

As I've updated, switched browsers, even switched computers I've just been adding and adding to my bookmarks. For some idea as to how long I've been doing this and how large my bookmark list has grown; for geocities sites alone there were 93, there were also more than a dozen anific sites, and quite a few xoom/nbci sites saved in my favorites/bookmarks when I started this undertaking. I am saving quite a bit to my hard drive, accessing many of the dead links via the internet archive (sadly quite a few of the sites are not on the archive), making use of google for alternative sites, and if the site had fan fiction located on I've added the author to a profile I created specifically for this purpose, for later perusal.

I am still in the process of going through my bookmarks and expect that this will take awhile (I really shouldn't have allowed my bookmarks to become so bloated). Some of the old fics I'm finding are pretty good like those by Zen (author of the Bitter end a very angst filled Ranma fic, though I don't much like angst), Bryan Neef (like his Tenchi Muyo short in which Mihoshi pretends to be a tree) and some are just strange (like the Ranma/Barney crossovers). There is no real hurry though since quite a few of the sites are on the internet archive and Jason Scott is making a back-up of geocities.

update post geocities shutdown: I have found that for some sites changing the g in geocities to an r (reocities) works since a group had archived a lot of the geocities sites via that way.

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