Saturday, May 30, 2009

Youtube videos

Since I recently have had access to high speed internet, I've been spending far too much time on youtube and browsing forums. Having dial up, I used to avoid topics such as favorite youtube clips, amusing pictures, motivational poster threads, etc., now that I have high speed internet I've been going through those threads, finding quite a bit of amusing things, along with stuff I have no idea as to why people like it.

Internet video sites are pretty addictive and I find myself watching weird things. For example, I spent six minutes watching an Australian girl making and drinking Milo (a chocolate milk). Afterwards I thought, why did I just watch that?

Having high speed internet has also allowed me to catch up with some shows and watch shows I wouldn't have as easily otherwise, such as cable television. I only have antenna television, I had people record the shows for me or got them from the library before. So I've been watching things like South Park, Kim Possible, and Mythbusters.

I had already seen a lot of the good older videos on Youtube. I used to do fansub trading via the postal service when high speed internet was less common and it was common for people to add amv's and other videos as filler/extras/bonus's and occasionally someone I know would see a video they liked a lot and have me watch it later.

Here is a Caramell Dance (Caramelldansen in Swedish) also known as Uma uma dance in Japan, with Ranma characters (I didn't make it). I really like this one because the characters look so very happy and I like seeing people, or in this case animated characters, happy.

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