Thursday, July 16, 2009

Excel Saga volume 8

I am a rather large fan of the Excel Saga manga, not so much the anime. I have acquired volumes 1-6,9-14 in English and volume 18 in Japanese. Today I went browsing some sites on the internet to get some of the missing volumes (7-8, 15-20) and the price for volume 8 is the most absurd price I have ever seen for a book. Amazon market place wants 999.99 dollars + shipping for it used. That is the lowest price I can find it for (the other sites that list it for somewhat reasonable prices don't actually have it). The highest is nearly 2,500 dollars. First thing I have to wonder is who is going to pay that much for a manga volume? The second thing is why hasn't VIZ released a re-release of Volume 7 and 8 yet, since they are selling later volumes. Most people would like to purchase the volumes in order and I'm sure that quite a few people would not buy any volume after volume 6 when they find out that they would be unable to acquire volumes 7 and 8.

The VIZ store does not have the manga for sale, but the viz store has very few things to sell at all, so few and at so discounted prices (75% off) that it looks like they are phasing out the online store. They do have on the VIZ Media site several manga excerpts, but not Excel Saga. The buy volume buttons do not link to anywhere though (error message). VIZ also has some manga online that is not listed on that list, like the newest work by Rumiko Takahashi, Rin-ne! (which I have not gotten around to reading yet but have known about for quite sometime and do plan on reading).

update 2/3/2010: The price of volume 7 and 8 has gone down considerably. I have acquired volume 7 but have yet to acquire volume 8 since, while no longer as ridiculously high priced, it is still far too expensive (checked today and the cheapest price on is currently 149.96). As for the other volumes I purchased volumes 15-17, and volume 19 as well (combined price for 15-17,19 used including shipping was less than 20 dollars).

addon 7/27/2010: I have finally managed to acquire volume 8 for a much more than reasonable price from a local library.


Anonymous said...

They are a corporation. It would be odd if they knew what the little wanted.

Anonymous said...

This is a disaster!
Volumes 5,7,8 are the dead species!

Lindy said...

I'm selling volumes 7 and 8 on ebay (plus a lot with 1-6). I'm asking $20 and the bidding ends tonight.

Anonymous said...

I'm selling volumes 7 and 8 on ebay. I'm asking $20 a piece but the bidding ends tonight so maybe you could purchase from me and save your money.