Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ranma Robot Chicken Sketch

At the 2009 Anime Expo, which is an American anime convention, a Robot Chicken preview was shown that had a mention to Ranma ½ (can be seen in the video above). I have never been to an anime/game/comic book/star trek/etc. convention. I don't really know what the experience would be like, considering I really dislike crowded places, I probably would not enjoy it all that much (that and they cost money, which I do not have very much of). While most of them are thousands of miles away, in places like California, there have been some at hotels in my area (less than 10 minute drive) just a few years ago. While I don't know of any that close in the last couple of years, there was an anime convention, at the beginning of June, a little more than an hours drive away.

As for Robot Chicken; I don't really like the show. I like when Ranma is mentioned/referenced in other media though. I also like that they didn't really attack Ranma ½ like they often do other shows.

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