Friday, September 18, 2009

Some Parallels

I recently saw a review of a fan fic which claimed a technique that was used came from a different show/manga. It didn't. It is much easier to crossover a series when parallels already exist. For some unfathomable reason, at least to me, I decided to write these lists of some parallels between Ranma and some other very popular series (part of the reason it is unfathomable is because I have watched very little of two of these series and do not much like the other two):

Naruto - a show about ninja's that in general don't act much like historical ninja.
-Kawarimi - is the technique often used by ninja's in which they switch places with an object. Ranma uses this technique frequently.
-Konatsu has a duplicating body technique similar to Naruto's. He made four of himself.
-Smoke screens are fairly common and used by most of the Ranma characters at one point or another.
-Ceiling cling and wall climbing are often used in both series, most often by Ranma in the manga.
- Throwing of kunai happens frequently in Naruto, it also happens often in Ranma though in Ranma more often it is a different object (Mousse threw knives at Ranma, Ranma used pin wheels on Mousses duck form, Konatsu and Mint threw large amounts of daggers as their attacks, etc.).
- Naruto has explosive tags, Ranma cast make pretty much anything to explode (Happosai's fire crackers, Ukyo added gun powder to her okonomiyaki, Shampoo added gun powder to buns, Mousse used explosive eggs, Konatsu's sisters had TNT, and the Principal had both added explosives to pineapples and had grenades).
- Both series use pressure points/vulnerable points, though in Naruto they are called Chakra points.
-The ninja Jiraiya can sort of be seen in the Ranma manga during the Romeo and Juliet story arc (in that one of the other classes has a play involving the mythical character Jiraiya, which the Naruto character is based on).

Avatar the Last Air Bender - elemental based martial arts.
Many of the techniques seen on Avatar also happen in the Ranma manga.
- Aang spun a wooden staff to deflect fire. Ranma also spun a simple wooden staff to deflect fire.
- Air bending involves manipulating the air. Many of the Ranma attacks do as well. Ranma's Hiryu Shoten Ha (a tornado technique), Kuno's air pressure technique, and the vacuum blades are all manipulating the air.
-Earth Bending - Ki Blasts and breaking point are earth bending techniques (Ryoga even uses them to tunnel through the Earth).
-Fire Bending - Several characters like the Ashura and Saffron did this. Though other characters did occasionally as well -Mousse for example during the mushrooms of aging arc was trying to master fire breathing.
-Water bending - Cologne did several attacks that were this - created a water sprout and the Shark fist was blasts of manipulated water.

Read or Die - A show about a librarian that can control and influence paper.
-Ranma uses paper fans occasionally, counters a punch from Happosai with a paper fan and uses them to blow powders and stuff back at people.
-Konatsu uses a technique called Füjin Seikyü Shyo (wind blade bill) a whirlwind of paper bills surrounded Ranma, and sliced through his clothes.
-Ryoga's trick with his belt and bandanna's applied to paper instead of cloth.
-Ranma can be seen reading frequently (it appears to be the thing he does the most for entertainment in the manga)

Harry Potter - A series of books about witches and wizards.
Magic is rampant in both Ranma and Harry Potter.
-Both have supernatural creatures, phoenixes, ghosts, possibly giants (a couple characters like the Dojo Destroyer was at least Haggard's size), yeti (part of Taro's curse), and dragons (dragon whisker soup, Orachi, and Herb's ancestor was a dragon) though there are differences in how the creatures acted and some different supernatural creatures entirely.
-Magic items are pretty common in both - more seen in Ranma (For Ranma there are the Umbrella of love, mirror that makes clones, mirror that people could enter and had a large amount of room in it, lightning ring, sentient fire breathing staff, etc.).
-Potions are in both, like Happosai's rejuvenation potion or Colognes hair growth potion.
-Mandrake root (even screamed in both when pulled out) and other magical plants were in both.
-Both have means of shapeshifting.
-Both have apothecaries
-Jusenkyo can be used for transfiguring people and animals into other animals, act like animagus, and work like polyjuice (as shown by kima).
-Wizards use owls to deliver stuff (like the brooms) and send messages. The Phoenix people are shown to use crows the same way (even able to kidnap people with them like Akane).
-Paintings in both can move - Panda ghost came from a painting.
-magic marks. Dark mark used by voldemort and mark of the gods seen in Ranma.

I had the idea of writing a few scenes in which the characters names are never told and then having people try and guess the series in which the story is supposed to be a fan fic of. Purposely using technique/objects that commonly are associated with one series but exist in a similar form in other series. Of course the techniques names would not be given only their effects.

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