Friday, October 30, 2009

Misc Ideas

November is fast approaching and I've yet to decide anything. By this point I ought to have some clue as to what I'm going to write next month, I don't. I should have the beginnings of an outline and researching specifics. Coming up with ideas is very easy, choosing which to use and implementing it not so. I continually think of new ones and not every idea I have is Ranma related (I am not that obsessed with Ranma 1/2), though many could be were I to try and make them.

Another series I have had many ideas for is Slayers (which is one of, if not, my favorite anime). Though I am unsure as to where the best splitting point or continuity to use (novels, manga, games). Though it would be very unlikely that I'd use the games, many reasons but largest being Xelloss is killed in the SNES Slayers RPG.

Some miscellaneous, and probably not all that good since very little thought was put into them, ideas:
1.Ranma/Slayers crossover. One possibility Ranma watches the Slayers anime then deciding to have some fun he splashes himself with water and pretends to be Lina Inverse using ki techniques and tricks to mimic her spells as best he can. Another would be to have him be summoned by a sorcerer in the Slayers universe. Most of my ideas for Slayers are not crossovers (and are not posted anywhere).

2. Lupin the Third/ Ranma crossover:
Kodachi is kidnapped by a criminal organization. I chose Kodachi because she was not kidnapped in the manga, is the most reliant on objects rather than pure physical abilities, and in my opinion rates lower in skill than Ranma's other fiancees (Akane or Shampoo locked in a brick walled and steel bared room would, judging by the manga particularly the scene where Akane does just that, break out). While Ranma does not love Kodachi he would go to rescue her. The thing is he does not know where she is and her release is dependent on Ranma acquiring (i.e. stealing) several things for them.

Here is where Lupin enters the story, he is trying to get the very same items. Conflict between Lupin and Ranma, which of course would be resolved eventually, they then find out why the villain wanted the items, which leads to a grander adventure. The person who kidnapped Kodachi was just a cog in another villains very large plan for world domination (not that Ranma actually cares about who rules the world but he does care about kidnapping people he knows and murder).

3. I'd like to see a Ranma/ Dirty Pair crossover but I don't even have a vague idea how to cross those two series.

4. Idea that came from a combination of the Romeo and Juliet play and the play Ranma wrote to convince Happosai to change Pantyhose Taro's name. A year has nearly passed since the Romeo and Juliet play and the drama club approaches Ranma with a request that he star in the play for this years competition (last years play may not have followed the script but it did win the competition and was enjoyed by the audience). They word their request in such away as to trigger Ranma's competitive nature so he agrees making the stipulation that he gets to chose the play; the play Ranma chooses is one of his own making. Ranma does not write himself as the hero of the play instead he makes himself the villain who kidnaps the heroine. That's all I have for this idea, at this time.

All the above ideas and the recently posted ones, baring the Inuyasha one and the rehash of ideas in the second post that mentions national writing month, are newly conceived ideas. I have recently found a text file I created a few years ago labeled Ranma Story ideas. I am not going to post any of them. Every single one of the ideas in that text document is terrible, which tells me something about how my thoughts have changed in the intervening years. Not a one of them looks to have have anything worth even trying to salvage for possible later use.

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md.knopp said...

Well, my personal opinion, for as much as that is worth in this instance (i.e. not a lot), is that I would like to see either the one where Ranma writes a play or the Ranma/Inuyahsa crossover.

I like the idea of Ranma studying other plays for ideas and inspiration, or Ranma doing research for something for the play. The interplay between the other characters and Ranma would be something different, and with your more in line with the manga views on Ranma, would actually be something fun and different from the majority of Ranma fanfictions.

As for the Ranma/Inuyahsa crossover, I like both series, but love this idea even more after seeing the Shonen Sunday commercial in which Ranma and Inuyasha interact. The shear amount of in-jokes that could be worked into that story would be funny alone.

I have long been of the opinion that some of the characters of Inuyahsa are carry overs from Ranma but refined and developed in different ways. Inuyahsa is in many ways just like Ranma. Kagome is basically Akane with slightly less of a temper problem, but still has the equivalent of Akane hitting Ranma with her "sit boy". Koga plays basically the same role and in many ways acts a lot like Ryoga. Others are less noticable but still somewhat similar. Miroku is more akin to Ataru than any one in particular from Ranma. And so on and so forth.

Anyways, that is my opinion, for what it is worth. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.