Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ranma/Star Trek Voyager

I like Star Trek and I like Ranma so I have thought about writing a crossover involving the two series. Figuring out how to bring Ranma into the Star Trek universe is extremely simple considering things like time travel, Q, the Preservers, sleeper ships, holodecks, etc. This, for example, would work: Spatial anomaly opens up in engineering stopping the entire ship and spitting out Ranma. Ranma had been looking for another cure for his curse activated some ancient magical/technological item and somehow ended up there.

I liked the idea of Seven of Nine, but not the implementation. I did not like that she got paired with Chakotay. I did not like how the crew treated her. There is actually a lot about Star Trek Voyager I did not like. That is in part why I want to introduce Ranma into the series, basically so I can have him force a change in things, particularly in how the crew thinks.

I would like a Ranma/Seven of Nine pairing. As such, the first thing I need to set up is a reason for Ranma to be around Seven of Nine. This fic would be set shortly after Seven of Nine is brought on to the ship, a time when she had very poor social skills, and was sorely lacking in knowledge in many things (she did not know how to sit or eat because of her Borg upbringing). The means I'm considering using to keep Seven of Nine and Ranma in close proximity is to have Ranma's aura interfere with the ships sensors and more importantly the Bioneural gel packs (similar to how several aliens were affected strangely by the sensors and how some spores that Nelix acquired messed with the gel packs). To prevent his aura from interfering with the ships systems, a Borg technology is needed to neutralize the effects forcing Ranma to stay within a certain radius of Seven.

I want to use Ranma for this fic because he is significantly different than the other humans; in many ways he is more alien than the aliens.

I want Ranma to point things out that I thought about that never really seems to be thought about in the Star Trek universe (an example: Combadges lost, why don't they ever use sub-dermal tracking devices for emergency beam outs?). Simple solutions to complex problems they would not think about since they prefer complex solutions involving lots of technobabble.

I want Ranma to point out differences between his world (in some cases our world) like why are interspecies babies so easy to produce when chimpanzee have around 99% the same DNA as humans and they can't breed together whereas aliens that have evolved on entirely different worlds can. Ask why people do not have jet packs or power armor since both existed in his time (both are seen in the manga).

Things that will not happen:
Ranma suddenly knowing how the technology works (he will learn the rudimentaries, so as to function in that society but he won't know the details - basically he will be taught how to drive a car but not how the car works, how to do anything but the most common fixes for the car, or how to build a car).

I'm still just brainstorming and this idea is no where near fully formed. There are all kinds of details that this is lacking in current form and all kinds of things to add. Could have Ranma train with the Holodeck, have them build him a gravity belt, Ranma be like a supped up Jem Hedar/ genetically engineered person (in Enterprise the humans who were genetically engineered were resistant to phaser blasts), could have Ranma learn new techniques for example how to travel via warp speed without a ship (like the alien known as the Traveler did and taught Wesley Crusher in Star Trek TNG).


Ranma Trekkie said...

Sounds like a cool idea. I've read some fanfics done on a similar premise, one went nowhere, one was excellent save for it's short length, and the other was just terrible (probably because at the time I read it, I hadn't read the three segments that came BEFORE the voyager one). Anyways, I like where it could go. I say do it! Though I can't say I like Seven over Akane or Ucchan, it's definently an interesting pairing. Also, I think you would have to be crazy if you didn't put Ranma into the Security Division. He has alot to offer there, and everyone on Voyager had to help out somehow. Concidering Ranma's tendancy to sleep in class, and his Martial Arts prowess, Security is about his only option.

antimatterenergy said...

Sleeping in class is mostly a fanon thing, even in the anime he rarely does that. In the manga, Akane has slept in class more often than he did and the time he did was when the teacher was also asleep so he did not miss any of the class.

Security would probably be the best, or at least most obvious, option but it is not the only. He could also do things like work in the hydroponics bay (on ship garden), kitchen (he can cook), or receive on the job training for other positions such as working with the doctor (Kes was able to learn from the doctor and Ranma has already demonstrated some knowledge on healing in the manga).

Zwzn said...

Star Fleet Engineers are almost the technological embodiment of Ranma's fighting style, and they are often cross trained as security officers if Chain of Command part one is any indication. He would likely see the use of such a skill set. Isn't it said they can make replicators out of rocks?
There is plenty for Seven of Nine to be interested in Ranma.
1)The way he adapts, and self-upgrades. tactics and attacks that worked before will likely not be effective a second time.

2) His immune system can likely give Borg nano probes and Species 8472 cells a challenge at the very least. The one time he gets sick he had a fever so hot he was boiling water before it could reach his skin.

3) 7 of 9 would certainly go for a guy who can go hand to hand with Species 8472, and have a good chance of winning. She has a phobia of them.
Ranma might actually be a better person to teach Kes how to use her powers then Tuvok because life-energy and mental energy manipulation seems to be the basis of her abilities.