Friday, March 5, 2010

Filthy Lies webcomic Ranma reference

There are good webcomics and bad webcomics; most are somewhere in between. The defunct webcomic Filthy Lies is closer to bad than good. While it does have a few alright strips; I would not recommend that people read it. I can't relate with any of the characters. It is pretty vulgar, blasphemous, crude, and distasteful. One thing it does have going for it is a Ranma reference though, see the strip above that has a picture of a pig that looks like P-chan.

Well on the subject of Webcomics; My preferred method of reading webcomics is in large chunks offline. I most often use dial-up and require the use of the phone so reading them online is more of an annoyance. I tend to first check to see if a torrent of a webcomic exists (provided it is without good annotations). If a torrent does not exist I tend to downloaded it with the webcomic downloader Woofy. Which is more annoying than via torrents since many have to be add in manually and the program is no longer updated (or downloadable from that site). If I can't download it with Woofy; I'll use a program that saves websites like HTTrack Website Copier. That is even more annoying though since those programs download more than just the comic (which is time consuming on dial-up but I do occasionally have access to higher speed via other peoples computers and will download them on theirs).

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