Friday, March 5, 2010

Old Dogs are the Best Dogs

Old Dogs are the Best Dogs is a book written by Gene Weingarten with photographs by Michael S. Williamson. The book is a collection of photos of old dogs with a short statement about the dog(s) pictured. I did like the photographs taken; they looked very natural and managed to capture the emotion/personality of the dogs. Some of the comments/biographies on the dogs were pretty interesting, for example, the dog named Junior is/was Mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky - a very low population area that had a stunt to raise money to pick a mayor who, or whatever, got the most votes which cost a dollar per vote won.

While I did enjoy the book I found it to be sad for a few reasons: because they are of old dogs which implies that the dogs will have departed from the mortal coil by the time (or shortly after) I gain knowledge of their existence, some of the biographies are sad, and the largest reason of all two dogs close to me have recently passed on; Blue and Bear.

As for whether or not old dogs are the best dogs, that is up to personal preferences. Many people prefer young or middle aged dogs. Some reasons as to why people would consider old dogs to be the best are because they have been with those dogs for years, old dogs are less active dogs, and because the dog and you both have gotten used to each others quirks. I don't really have a preference for dogs be it age or breed; I like all dogs.

Introduction from the book: The last word: Why old dogs are the best dogs
Old Dogs are the Best Dogs slideshow: Washington Post 12 pictures.

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