Friday, May 18, 2007

An introduction of sorts

My favorite manga is Ranma ½ so I decided why not create a blog about it. I had in the past been fairly active on some Ranma forums (fukufics and a forum) though I'm not really that active on them anymore. Several of my posts here are updated versions of my posts there or will have been inspired by posts on other forum as well as other sites on the internet. I'll try not to directly copy anything if I do I'll use quotes. In the event that I inadvertently do copy something, please don't hold it against me. This blog is to give my opinions and spread some knowledge about Ranma.

I believe myself to be fairly knowledgeable about the Ranma manga. I have read the entire manga several times and have read three separate translations of it. The different translations give different views of things and I did not find the VIZ version to be the best translation nor the fanscan translation (which occasionally was a translation of a translation - they used the Chinese translation occasionally), the best one was a text translation since it gave further information and knowledge of the Japanese culture (explained some of the pun, better translations, explained Japanese point of view, etc..). The Anime was not as enjoyable so the things I write about will be mostly manga based rather than anime based.

I plan on, eventually, writing some Ranma fanfiction and displaying ideas and drafts here. The final product, if there ever is a final product, will probably be put on If I do write some I ask that you give me good feedback on them. By good feedback I mean tell me obvious grammar mistakes, parts that didn't make sense, etc. I have attempted to write fan fiction in the past but always gave up for one reason or another. Hopefully I will actually write some.

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