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Knowledge on Jusenkyo itself.

Jusenkyö – The Cursed Springs

Facts (as close as you can get to facts while talking about a fictional universe)
  1. The Chinese name for Jusenkyö is Chöchuanshan

  2. Jusenkyö is located in the Bayankala mountain range, south of Mount Kensei, in Qinghai Province, China

  3. Jusenkyö is at the very least 4000 years old since that is the age of the Ashura spring and most probably much older.

  4. The water comes from a mountain called Jusendo.

  5. Unknown amount of springs but there are a lot.

  6. Many people have drowned in the springs.

  7. The spring gains an imprint of the person/thing which drowned in it.

  8. People who fall in the springs are cursed to changed in someway; Usually physically but some do effect the mind.

  9. Cold water activates the Curse, Hot water restores you to your natural self.

  10. Unknown temperature needed to revert back to uncursed state but is higher than body temperature.

  11. Very little water is needed to cause the transformation though it is more than a few drops.

  12. Water can effect descendants of cursed person to some degree (as shown by Musk and Phoenix people).

  13. Transformation is fast and painless.

  14. Cursed forms age unless specifically stated to be at an age. We know this because Taro did grow up and Ranma's breasts got bigger. The boy spring will likely keep you young since the name of the spring is boy.

Spring Name Effect Beings Cursed Age of Spring Other
Nyannichuan Young Girl Ranma, Herb, Monkey 1500
Shonmaoniichuan Panda Genma 2000
Heituenniichuan Piglet Ryoga 1200
Maoniichuan Cat Shampoo 1800
Yaazuniichuan Duck Mousse 1300
Niuhoomanmaoren-niichuan Yeti riding a Bull holding a Crane and Eel Pantyhose Taro 1300
Xiaochiniichuan Boy (child) Lukkosai Unknown Age Change
Ashuraniichuan Ashura Rouge 4000 Personality Change
Shuanshontsu-niichuan Twins A Bird Unknown
Shannannichuan Virtuous-Man N/A 1200 Personality Change
Chanyuiniichuan Octopus Pantyhose Taro add-on to existing curse 2500
Akaneniichuan Akane Kima Less than 1
Was created by the Phoenix people and maybe different than normal springs
Nannichuan Man A dog given temporary version Unknown
Unknown Frog A few crows Unknown

Inferred or my opinion

  1. Curses change you in away so that you look like you would had you been born that way, i.e. Ranma looks like a female version of himself rather than looking like the girl who drowned.

  2. Not every person or thing can actually get to the springs. If they could there would be a lot more cursed people/things.

  3. The springs do not effect insects and inanimate objects.

  4. Possible that the pools are Semi-sentient or have a being of power guiding them and choose who gets cursed though a person determined or powerful enough maybe able to get to them anyways. This opinion can be slightly backed in that the curses seem to reflect the persons personality to a degree.

  5. Possible that the pools protect themselves.

  6. Curse make the cursed person a water magnet.

  7. Curses mix unless body is fully covered with the water. Another possibility if sprayed with cursed water while in cursed form they mix, if sprayed in uncursed form new curse takes over (Unclear what form Taro was in or how much water was used because we learned about it second hand from the guide and it's possible he told it wrong). This is partially supported by the fact that a small splash of drown twin water only doubled the part of the body Happosai got hit by the water.

  8. Possible that a person can learn a way to master the curse.

  9. The springs some time in the distant past were routed by the Phoenix people to run through the phoenix tap and dragon tap (both of which are incredibly strong - Ryoga couldn't scratch them no matter how hard he tried).

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