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Ranma's Dating Experience (Manga Only)

I have seen in several fan fics that Ranma is clueless about dating, this is very much untrue. Ranma went on more dates than all the other teenagers combined. He knows to dress up, give the girl compliments, give the girl gifts such as flowers, knows where to take them on dates, he knows the proper etiquette for being at various locations (restaurants, movies, theaters), etc.

Here's a list of Ranma's dating experiences in the manga. This list maybe incomplete and it is possible that Ranma went on more dates that just weren't shown. Some of these dates were only mentioned, not shown, or are inferred but not proven. There are other instances that could possibly be considered dates that I did not consider close enough to be dates as well, an example of this would be when Ranma spent the night at Ukyo's or the times he goes to festivals with Akane; those could be considered by some to be dates but I do not consider them to be dates.

Tatewaki Kuno
  • To get the magic wish granting sword from Kuno though the sword may have influenced Ranma's decision some since a date with the pig tail girl was one of Kuno's wishes.
  • Kuno was possessed by a cherry tree and Ranma agreed to go on a date to get Kuno/Cherry tree to stop bothering pig/pony tailed girls.
  • A cursed swim suit forced Ranma to go on a date with Kuno or be dragged to the bottom of the sea and drown.
  • During the martial arts cheer leading storyline Ranma went on a date with Kuno so as to get Kuno's love (avenge Akane's honor) and beat Mariko. This time Ranma went all out; Prepared a bento for Kuno, a hand-woven sweater, a hand-woven towel, a hand-woven scarf, wrote a love letter, gave a bottle of water, and purchased Kuno a good luck charm from a shrine; then went to dinner and a movie with Kuno.
  • Quasi date with Kuno, Kuno grabbed girl form Ranma when Ranma was made younger by magic mushrooms and went to the amusement park with her.


  • Gosunkugi tries to use a magic paper doll to get Akane to go on a date with him but accidentally puts it on Ranma instead. This is particularly funny because Ranma goes in guy form.


  • To get the cure for his curse. Though it turn out to be a dud.
  • Sort of was on a date with Shampoo during the reversal jewel story arc. Really tried on this one as well. Dressed up nicely, brought Shampoo a dozen roses, even complimented her by saying “even the beauty of the roses can compare not to yours” (and people say Ranma can't be romantic). This was done because Shampoo was acting weird and because Ranma did not like Shampoo not liking him.
  • Possible that Shampoo purchased a date with Ranma when Nabiki was Ranma's fiancée but unknown.


  • When Akane went on a date with Ryoga, Ranma went on a date with Ukyo mainly to make Akane jealous.
  • Possible even probable since she did offer Nabiki money that Ukyo purchased a date with Ranma when Nabiki was Ranma's fiancée but unknown.

Miss Hinako

  • Quasi date with her when trying to figure out how she absorbed battle aura. Treated her nicely, bought her gifts, food, and balloons.

Densuke (sick kid who wouldn't take his medicine)

  • Ranma went on a date with him to get him to take his medicine. (After Densuke fainted Ranma spent the entire night at his bedside to make sure he was well and some people say Ranma isn't compassionate)


  • Vanity (Ranma took it as an insult to his looks) and because Akane told him to.

Panda spirit

  • To make the Panda spirit happy before it was sealed back into the painting.

An old Man's astral form

  • Because the old man was entering Ranma's dreams, to make the dying old man happy, and possibly to figure out how the old man was able to astral project so as to learn how to do that.
  • While pretending to be Ryoga's fiancée, to mess with Ryoga, and to screw with Akane and Ryoga's date.


  • Immediately after Nabiki was his fiancée Ranma gives Akane a dozen roses and goes on a date with her to make up for the fight they had which led to Nabiki becoming his fiancée.

Tsubasa Kurenai

  • This was more an attempt to date Tsubasa because he thought Tsubasa was a girl and was trying to help her like guys. Dressed up, bought a dozen roses, etc.

Little boy who wouldn't go outside

  • Offered him a date but did not go on a date

Mirror clone

  • Almost went on a double date with mirror clone while teaching the mirror clone how to pick up guys.

Other characters did go on dates with people who aren't Ranma but those were rare. Akane went on a couple dates with Ryoga, Ryoga went on dates with Akari, Mousse went on some dates with a Jizo statue he thought was Shampoo, Nabiki went on a few dates to blackmail people and two dates during a challenge (Ranma and Akane acted as chaperones on the ten yen challenge dates).

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