Monday, December 31, 2007

Movies watched in 2007

A partial and incomplete list of movies I watched during this year can be found here.

I have a tendency to make lists and lose them/have them thrown away/etc. One day several weeks ago I decided to make a list of the movies I had watched over the course of the year. There is no real purpose in doing so but I was having trouble sleeping and the list could be convenient. It is convenient in that I can quickly look up films I had watched.

I can use the list to help me recall movies, I also have a tendency to forget the name of a movie, even though I do remember the plot. A list that also has pictures and if for some reason I can not recall the movie at all, there is also generally a summary I can read to refresh my memory.

I chose to use an amazon store to make the list for a few reasons. The first reason being so that people might make purchases from it and I would get a small percentage. Another reason was because it was an option and I have no other idea as to what to put there. The final reason is I didn't know of a better list making site that also has a picture of the film and quick access to more information.

The list is incomplete since I could not recall every movie I had seen this year at the time or could not recall the movies name. I also didn't list most of the non-fiction videos. Something that surprised me is that there are a lot of movies I've seen that Amazon does not have (at least the version of Amazon I was using). Thinking about it I should not have been surprised since I watch a lot of foreign films many of which were not released in the USA, some of the films were never put on dvd (can only be gotten on vcd or VHS depending on the film), and some were either too small, or on subject that wouldn't interest most people.

A few of the movies I watched that were not on Amazon (or I couldn't find on DVD) are:
  • DragonBlade – Honk Kong 3d Film
  • My Wife is 18 - Hong Kong Romantic Comedy
  • Tales of Ugetsu (AKA: Ugetsu Monogatari) – Japanese ghost story
  • The Refusal - Jagerstatter – Documentary about an Austrian Catholic executed for refusing to serve the Nazi's
  • The Reluctant Prophet George Zabelka – A documentary about a priest who served those who dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He later became a large supporter of non-violence.
  • Some were not listed because they are not on DVD yet like the new Sweeny Todd Film
The list is here:

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