Saturday, December 1, 2007


I recently signed up with Swapadvd. It is a DVD trading site similar to PaperbackSwap but for DVD's instead of books. While personally not as interested in DVD's as much as I am in books, I thought I'd give this site a try. Considering I'm more into Asian cinema at the moment then American released films (mainly because I've seen most of the American ones I wanted to since they are easier to obtain), I really don't expect much from it but maybe I'll find some good films who knows.

While on the subject of online trading, for trading books I've had more luck and had more trades through bookmooch than I've had with Paperbackswap. If you were thinking about using a book trading site I think you should sign up for both to get the most chances, but I find bookmooch to be the better site, even though the other site does give the option of purchase credits at a reasonable price from them and bookmooch doesn't.

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