Monday, December 31, 2007

Ranma Anime on-line

Of the Ranma ½ Anime I'd suggest you watch the first season and the Oav's the rest is much lower quality (though I do like the opening/endings). They can be purchased in a variety of places such as If you are unable to afford them (the price for them has gone down a lot) you can watch them online in a few places such as Ranmastream, Youtube has many of the episodes, and it can be downloaded from bit torrent in a few places such as Isohunt. I'd watch a lot more Anime if I had high speed internet (dial-up sucks though I do some times use other peoples high speed internet).

The Ranma ½ manga is my favorite manga. The Ranma ½ anime is not my favorite anime. The Ranma ½ anime is not even in my top ten favorite anime (Slayers is #1 if you were wondering).

This isn't that uncommon for me. I find that the books/manga that the anime/Movie is based on to be better than the Anime/Movie quite often. Of course this isn't true of everything off the top of my head V for Vendetta movie was better than the comic and Thank You for Smoking was better than the book.


chris said...
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Bloodyred said...

Hello I am the owner of, I see that my little site is getting around. i don't know why you think the manga isn't worth reading, there are alot of things in the manga that didn't happen in the series, there are few missing char. like herb and some other things. If you love ranma then I would tell you to read the mangas. I guess everyone has there own. You can download the manga in my forum. enjoy!

antimatterenergy said...

I never said the manga wasn't worth reading. In fact this entire blog is basically about the manga. There is very little on the anime in this blog. I love the manga, I don't particularly care for the anime. As I said the Oav's and first season are worth watching the rest are not as good. I think everyone should read the manga. I've read it in multiple languages and multiple translations.

Bloodyred said...

Well I got a little confused there, it's all the same, i do enjoy watching an episode just before i go to bed. you do have to think of it like a book vs movie. the book is always better then the movie but the movie gets people to read the book.