Friday, November 30, 2007

Teacher arrested over Teddy

I generally prefer to not talk about religion since it is such a controversial subject, but I feel like talking about it now.

A British teacher in Sudan was found guilty of insulting Islam because she allowed her seven year old students to name the class bear Muhammad. Personally I don't view her guilty of anything except being ignorant of Muslim ways. Her punishment is 15 days jail and deportation. I don't think she should have been punished because she didn't mean any insult, but really the entire thing with her doesn't overly bother me she should have known more about Muslim ways considering the area she was living in and while I think her punishment is worse than she deserves, she could have had a much worse punishment under the laws of the area. What does bother me is how the Muslims always get upset when they perceive some insult to Muhammad but don't get upset when other prophets of theirs are insulted. Many Muslims appear to be treating Muhammad like he was a deity when he is not, he is a great prophet but not God. The Christians who do believe Jesus their greatest prophet to actually be God do not get upset as the Muslims do (in general, some do of course). The Muslims should be just as upset when someone insults Jesus, Moses, and Isaac seeing how they too are prophets in Muslim religion and yet they don't. I find this to be some what hypocritical, particularly those Muslims who insult Jesus (two reasons Muslims consider him to be a great prophet as well and them not seeing how it is obviously wrong to expect others to not insult their greatest prophet when they insult the other religions greatest prophet).

While I am not Muslim and can't speak for the Muslim people, I am pretty sure the vast majority of Muslims really are not upset about this mistake brought on by ignorance (she didn't know that people see naming a toy or animal after Muhammad is considered an insult) the teacher made. I'm pretty sure the reason so much noise is being made over this misunderstanding is political in nature and not being brought about because of religious upset.

BTW I'm not Muslim, I'm Catholic.

edit: She was pardoned and sent back to her home country.

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