Tuesday, November 20, 2007

VIZ's Censoring of Manga

It annoys me that VIZ censors the manga they release.

In Ranma and Inuyasha both Ranma and Inuyasha use direct, rude, and occasionally profane language (Inuyasha more so than Ranma though Ranma does occasionally use very rude language). VIZ removed the profanity entirely from Ranma. (You didn't really think that Ryoga spanked Yoiko -Ranma in disguise - For saying "like FUN I'm having fun" did you.)

Some edits they've made to other manga:
-I's they put stars over a girls nipples - this in my opinion makes it worse than if they had shown the nipples.
-FMA Greed is chained to a cross as he is reunited with Hoho twin (father) and killed in the VIZ version they changed it to a slab of rock.
-Naruto they edit out some of the hand gestures, make Sakura's shorts longer, changed a swastika to an X
-Dragonball they removed nudity, changed a gun to a laser gun, etc.
-Pokemon they made Misty's clothing cover more area. See an example below.

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