Monday, November 26, 2007

Did Ranma ½ change your life in anyway?

The poll had been up for over a year and the results are:
Yes 81%
No 4%
Insignificantly 13%
Never heard of Ranma ½, came to the site for another reason 2%
Total votes: 47

Even though the poll is no longer up, If you would like to you could still leave a comment on how Ranma ½ changed your life, or if it didn't, that it didn't.

I'd like to say that Ranma changed my life, it did, but the changes weren't really for the better, they also weren't for the worst. They were just changes neither really positive or negative.

I was using (and still do to some degree) books as a way of escaping from my life. While I was reading I'd get involved in the book and not have to think about life. I read (and still do) all types of books on all kinds of subjects Sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, historical, science, self help, religious texts, books on mathematics, comic books, etc. Reading was my drug of choice, which is much better for my body then real drugs would've been though I need glasses now to see stuff far away.

Finding Ranma was rather unremarkable, I had walked to the library (didn't have a car and it was winter so couldn't bike to it - plus I think that was around one of the times my bike was stolen which has happened to me several times) and found it on the shelf. I enjoyed it a great deal and read the other volumes the library had. Since I enjoyed it, I went looking for more which lead to me looking on the computer (again at the library didn't have a computer at the time) and finding fan fiction. I really enjoyed the Ranma fan fiction and read all that I could of it (which wasn't that much since I had to read it on the library's computer, though I did print out some for reading at home). Suffice it to say I eventually got a used computer and internet access (which at the time was free since several companies where giving it out I used altavista internet mostly at that time). I then spent far too much time reading fan fiction, even wrote some that I never published (I was and still am unhappy with basically everything I write including this, feel it is not written well). Ranma changed my life because it lead me to computers, the internet, anime, Japanese culture, and probably other things.

Ranma was my gateway to several things which is probably why I still enjoy it so much. Though unlike some people I also tend to, when I like something, continue liking it for years.

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Anonymous said...

I watched most of the Ranma series when I was about 8 years old and periodically read the manga til I finished high school. I find myself always thinking of Ranma references, as well... I have an odd idea of relationships and I hold many of Ranma's own values as my own.