Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Children Are Watching Us - Criterion Collection

The Children are Watching Us is a black and white Italian film. I watch films from pretty much every time period and in a multitude of languages. I know some people who only watch current movies in there own languages and feel sorry for them. They are missing out on a lot of good movies.

I did not like this movie all that much. The film itself was not bad at all and it is emotionally touching. I just was not in the mood for such a sad film when I watched it. The film is mostly shown around Prico's the main character who just happens to be a child. The film is about the breaking up of a family. In the beginning of the film Prico's mother leaves his father for her lover. She does this in a pretty mean way, she just ups and leaves doesn't leave a note, explain it, or anything. Prico's father doesn't know how or can't for some reason take care of Prico himself (this is not explained), so he sends Prico to live with his mother (Prico's grandmother). Prico's grandmother is not that nice a person. Prico gets sick and loses a lot of weight. Upon finding out that Prico is sick his mother Nina comes back and vows to give up her lover. Things seem to go alright for the family until they take a vacation to the Italian Riviera. I don't want to give away any more spoilers but I will say this. Nina (Prico's mother) is not a very good mother nor is she faithful.

I did really like that the story was shown from a child's point of view. The kid was great in this movie, though the clothing he wore looked pretty stupid to me.

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