Saturday, March 8, 2008

My views on hunting

Having just written about a movie on hunting I decided to tell my views on hunting. I'm for the most part against hunting. I'm entirely against trophy hunting and hunting for sport.

I do not mind people, particularly people who have been hunter gathers for millennia hunting for sustenance. In truth I'd rather people ate free range dear, goose, turkey, kangaroo, etc. instead of factory farmed animals. At least the animals had more freedom. I also understand hunting a dangerous animal or animals that are destroying your farms.

I understand killing animals as a means of population control. After all that is what predators do. I'd rather people used other methods like better land management, reintroduction of predator's when not to close to human populated areas, and fencing. Could also use the means of population control used on other animals such as dogs and cats i.e. sterilization but personally I don't see that as a much better solution than hunting.

I do not see the sport in hunting. How is it fair to hunt practically defenseless animals like deer and rabbits using guns. Hunting using a knife I can see as fair, since it is very hard to get right up close enough to use a knife and you put yourself in danger. Even spears and arrows are more of a sport and a challenge to use then guns. I really see no reason at all as to why you would ever need high powered assault riffles to hunt animals though. It's just over kill and very little challenge to it.

I dislike that many hunters go out and hunt while drunk, with little to no skill in using the weapon they are using, and that even though killing with a gun does not take all that much skill they wound animals instead of killing them. Either by poor aim or by taking shots at animals that are out of range so that the bullet no longer has the penetrating power required to take down the animal instead leaving it wounded. I also dislike hunting done too close to residential areas. Also hunting can be fairly dangerous. Hunters accidentally shoot each other or other people who happen to be in the area (for example: The Vice president accidentally shot one of his hunting partners).

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