Saturday, March 8, 2008


Shikoku is a Japanese Ghost story. I found it fairly interesting and really enjoyed the setting (some beautiful shots of mountains and streams). I watch a lot of Asian horror films. This movie is worth watching but it is slow paced and requires some actual thinking. It is not a shock/gore fest so if that's what your interested in this film is not for you. It's more a suspense film then a horror film.

The plot of the film is that a girl, Sagori, dies and her mother attempts to bring her back. Sagori's mother is a priestess and knows of a way to bring her back. The island they live on is Shikoku island and is a gateway between this world and the world of the dead. On the island there are 88 shrines in which people go on pilgrimages. The shrines act as a barrier between the worlds. To bring her daughter back she does rituals and traverses all 88 shrines in the opposite order that your supposed to. If she does the trek 16 times, one time for every year her daughter's age her daughter will come back to life. Even though that is the main plot the story doesn't really follow that it follows a friend of the girl's returning to her hometown and learning what happened and what is happening.

I could give away more of the story but I'd rather not. I will say this though no one in the film is really evil. Everyone has a reason for what they do and even the ghost is not evil.

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Anonymous said...

This movie reminded me a lot of Pet Cemetery and The Monkey's Paw except it's like you said, none of the people are truly evil.
I really liked the movie because of how traditional it was with the culture :D
Kinda sad that a lot of people would probably bring back a loved one despite death being a natural thing... ;>>