Friday, August 6, 2010

Sky Blade - Sword of Heaven

I recently read the first two volumes of the manhwa, Korean term for comics and print cartoons, titled Sky Blade - Sword of Heaven. I had picked them up at a local comicbook shop on clearance and upon finishing them I looked online to see if I could find some more volumes. I was disappointed to find out that only two volumes were released in English by the now defunct ADV Manga and there are no online fan translations of the series (at least none I could easily find - though I did find a Korean role playing game called Sky Blade which is based on this manga).

I really dislike it when I start a series and am unable to finish it for one reason or another. It's very annoying when there is a lot more of a series written but you can't read it because it is no longer being translated. In this case I don't really mind all that much because while not bad the series is pretty mediocre at least what I had read. I am far more upset about other series for example the Slayers Novels only the first eight where translated into English (volume 9 and part of volume 10 can be found online) and those I really want. I like the Slayers novels considerably more than the anime (and it is one of if not my favorite anime) or the various manga.

Sky Blade is a martial arts story with a fairly clueless and seemingly unskilled (learn fairly quickly that he isn't unskilled actually a prodigy just not interested in fighting) protagonist who manages to get in embarrassing situations with the three most powerful, and supposedly beautiful, female warriors in the land which promptly decide that he has to die because of that (well two of them the third just wants to kill him for his energy).

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i agree i wish there was more of this