Friday, August 10, 2007

Few Things I wondered about on Star Trek

While watching television, I often have questions pop into my head. Here's a list of some of the things I started to think about while watching a few episodes of Star Trek Voyager.

Why does the holographic doctor stumble when the ship gets attacked? He's a hologram he shouldn't stumble.

When Voyager went back in time and dealt with the 29th century technology, why didn't they sling-shot around the sun to get back to their own time instead of going back to being 70,000 light years from home? That is an established means of time traveling in the Star Trek universe.

Were surge protectors or battery operated consoles never invented? Crewmen die from consoles exploding far too often.

How do they read their hand held scanners? It gives them all kinds of information but doesn't have a real display just blinking lights.

Why do the Viidians need slaves to dig tunnels, since they have transporter technology?

Why doesn't the Federation use subdermial tracking chips since it's obvious that combadges are commonly stolen/lost?

Why are interspecies babies so easy to produce when chimpanzee have around 99% the same DNA as humans and they can't be bred together whereas aliens that have evolved on entirely different worlds can?

How is it that an alien culture thousands of light years from earth have pet dogs- a species that originated on earth (Episode ex post facto)?

In the Voyager episode Eye of the Needle, It is mentioned that there is a one in four chance of the wormhole leading to the Alpha Quadrant. Why can't the wormhole lead to somewhere else entirely like the void between galaxies or another galaxy?

In one episode the ship's crew go to a small asteroid my question is: How is it possible that a small asteroid has an earth-like atmosphere and gravity while being mostly hollow?

What purpose do the pilots serve? Couldn't the captain just tell the computer directly. Even in battles the computers would have to be doing basically everything since the ship can move and react far faster than a person could enter commands.

When they say two to beam up, how does the person manning the transporter know which two when there are more than two people present?

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