Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Japanese Body Language

Ranma in the manga uses a lot of hand gestures more so than the rest of the cast combined. He uses hand gestures 355 times in the manga according to a 1996 issue of Shonen Sunday. If your wondering what those gestures mean check this site out: JAPANESE BODY LANGUAGE;
Non-Verbal Communication in the Classroom
it explains Japanese body language.

The gesture in the above image is called the "oyakusoku pozu" (promise pose). According to a website I read it is a sign of surprise or shock.

Some Random ones:
-Holding up the pinkie is the way to make a discreet reference to having a girlfriend or female lover.
-Batsu is a gesture made by crossing one's arms in the shape of an "X" in front of them, in order to indicate that something is "wrong", "bad", or "no good".
Two pointer fingers crossing to form an X can also be used to signal for a check.
-Okay in the USA (touching of the index finger with the thumb, forming a rough circle, with the raising of the remaining fingers) means money in Japan.
-Throat slash, aka fingers or thumb across throat in a gesture reminiscent of cutting it, to show one's failure, and could also mean to be dismissed or fired.
-Tugging at the eye, often accompanied by sticking out one's tongue, is a childishly offensive gesture.
-Knocking on your temple with the knuckle of the index finger means " I'm such an idiot".

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