Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Super human abilities, mundane purpose

It is my belief that a super human should occasionally use his abilities for mundane tasks. In a lot of fan fiction, or stories in general, containing super human people they only use their abilities in combat situations. I never understood that. Unless they are trying to keep their abilities secret, they would use their abilities for mundane tasks. Think about it if you suddenly acquired a super human ability that could help you with your chores, you'd use it wouldn't you?

This particularly bothers me when the character is shown to often use his super human abilities in everyday circumstances in the source material but limits himself to mundane abilities in fan fiction. What is even worse is when a super human doesn't use an ability that was originally created to make life easier not for combat.

Here are some examples: Ranma is often seen using his super human abilities for common things that are rarely shown in fan fiction. The biggest most easily shown one is his wall climbing/clinging to ceilings. In fan fiction Ranma rarely even uses this ability, whereas in the manga he does this often for a wide variety of reasons some examples: to play a prank on Gosunkugi, to spy on people, to hang decorations, to hide, and occasionally for no reason at all other than he can.

The breaking point and shi shi hadoken where not originally created for combat. They were created to make life easier and safer for miners. In fan fiction I don't remember ever seeing Ryoga or Ranma use them for mundane purposes even though we do see them used that way in the manga. Ryoga uses those techniques to tunnel through the Earth while traveling. Miss Hinako used her ki blast to propel herself through the water since she couldn't swim.

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